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{March 25, 2008}   It’s official!!!!!

I have green hair, think deeper foresty, herby green. WHich is a totally coolr color. Not the emerald green I was thinking of, but then I only specified a darker green.

 The other specification; “less is more”.

And Sarah did a great job. I have some streaks of green in my hair until just above my ears. So when my hair is down they’ll peak through. But when My hair ids up you can see these coolr green streaks.

Now, my hair does look a little moldy when its down, you cannot quite see that its green. But I almost always toss my ahir into a pony tail and god. So this is just great!

Pic’s to come when the computer accepts them and I get good ones.

green hair bit

Green Hair ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


et cetera