Life, Fiber, Books and All


Anyway, I created this blog as a way to share my feelings, thoughts and experiences, yet remain uninhibited. I wanted to be able to be completely truthful without fear of reprucussion and to be well, me.

Unfortunatly things have changed, and someone whom I don’t want reading my most personal thoughts and feelings can read this. He has been told about it by someone. So some of the posts have been hidden, and the rest can go into the tomb of dead blogs.

I have decided to end “Life, Fiber, Books and All”.

I somehow doubt I’ll start another blog. Probubly jsut vent inside myself. Rather dangerous I know, but safer then hvaing something come back and bite me in the ass. Unless of course my headaches get worse.

Ah well.

You know who you are, and I would apprecete knowing what freind told you about this blog. But of course don’t expect an answer.

Have a good life everyone, be well and safe and have fun!!!




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