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{April 18, 2008}   I’ve hid the Dead Ducks

I’ve hid the dead ducks!


In the drawing classroom their are two dead and stuffed ducks on the shelves “full” of still life objects (read, no still life objects. Almost nothing actually). They’re very bald- ie most of the feathers have either been plucked off or have fallen out- totally gross and B-cat apparently loves to have us draw them. Oh, and they are also preserved with arsnic, a very deadly  poison. How lovely!


Well, I am sick of drawing them! Everyone else in the class is sick of drawing them! And they have been there for well over 20 years! They’re evil! And last class wehn we were leaving Ama (very nice tall girl, friend. Also in 2-d design) and I really stuggles with not tossing those damn ducks out the door into a snow bank.

I’m just too nice to break them, or ruin them. Although I REALLY wanted to! And I dreamed about shoving them into the trash can, but I just couldn’t really bring myself to do it. (pluss someone would have found them when they changed the garbage).

I also thought about bring some plastic bags, stuffing the ducks int othe bags and brining them homne to burn or trash. This was stopped by the fact I didn’t want them inside my lovely car.

So, I hid them. They are hidden in an empty drawer, at the bottom of a set of drawers and cupboards. The drawer was labeled with something (I think a professors name), but it was empty. So I shoved those damn dead ducks into that drawer, moved back the load of packages, boxes, furnature and like that was infront of it and became increadibly happy. (Of course I also srubbed my hands until they were red).

I also found the very nasty little bubble vase which he loves to have us draw and hid them behind a load of boxes, however it didn’t join the ducks as class had almsot started and people were coming in.

 So, on the school front: I have a million large projects that all of my professors have suddenly decided were a good idea for us to do at the last minute~ I HATE school!!!!!! Evil!

Drawing: B-cat is eveil and stupid. According to a past drawing student I met he even admited the last class that he cannot draw. Which explains why he never shows us how to do anything, gives us demonstrations or help. But that doesn’t explain why he TEACHES a DRAWING class! And why he always tells people their work is terrible or junk or all wrong. But neevr explains why its terrible, junk or all wrong. And apparently I’m his new favorite person to do this too. The guy he was doing this too has started skipping class. And oh, guess what, I skipped last class to. However it was only a trip to an art museum where B-cat was having an exibit. I was NOT going to listen to himself talk about how great his work is, how great he is and all that SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also explains why he has absolutly no concept of how long something takes. He says soemthing only takes a three hours max, I end up spending Friday, Saterday and Sunday doing the projects!

The project he literally gave us no instructions on and keeps refering to as terrible, all wrong and all that shit. Of course everyone else in the class thinks its the best one. And I’m one of the 5 people (now) who actually did it. It is a “collage” of blacks, whties and grey’s ripped fom magazines (or bought paper in my case) glued together to create the collage:


collage still life/black and white

See, its dumb and stupid but it actually looks liek the still life. Everyone elses was just a grey mass, if they did it.

The last project we had for drawing was do do a still life (another one *groan*) in either stippling or cross hatching. Now, I had origionally planned on doing mine in cross hatching but Pat (the wonderful amazing and talented art teacher I have had since I was 7 years old) convinced me that stippling would be easer.

For those who do not know what stippling is, it is also known as pointalism. Bascially it is going “tatatatatatat” on a piece of paper with your pen. Where you want black you do that alot, grey for a while, and white you don’t dot at all. I have personally gone through 4 pens with stippling. I HATE it! And its an annoying and terrible sound. Again of course B-cat went on and on how terrible it was, how wrong it was and all that. Again, other students though it was great, I spend 3 DAY working on it, it actually looked like the still life, and I was one of the few people to actually do it.

Don’t mind the yellow or unfocused ness. It was the best pic. Also ignore the fact that shadows go in different directions. I relyd on the light from windows nad that naturally varied as time passed from 11am to 11pm.

2-D design is a much betetr class. But alot of time where we just go over the same thing, too much inclass work time (I’d rather work at home where I actually have space to work. We’re not in an art room. Where in a very small classroom with micro sized tables), and basically its a dull class. But the professor Hellane, is very nice, and the students are nice na dI have some friends. Which totally makes a difference.

One of our last assignments was to make a load of color swatches on watercolor paper with guache. I just love mixing colors so it was fun, and rather mindless. I took a rather scientific approach to it. I systematically worked through each color combination possible (with just two colors), and then some of the combinations possible with three colors. Now, the other thing was I misread the insrtuctions, and I was a little bit “off”. But I had time to correct that.

I cut out tear drops (easy to cut out, and they showed the color well.), and then grouped them by color. I played with how to place them on the black foam core. But i nthe end I ended up creating “flowers” with 5 of the “tears” for petals. I grouped them like I would for a color wheel. The middle flower in yellow to orange. Then I also grouped them so they made circles (kind of liek the color wheel was spiriling outward). So it went from yellow-ornage-pinky red-red-pruple/red-purple-violet-purple/blue-blue-tealish-tourquoise-blue/green-green-greeny/brown-browns-grey-black. Not exactly a color wheel, but close eneough.  I also cut out circles from watercolor paper I had painted black with Indea ink and glued those circles onto the center of the flowers. Partially to make them work better together as a whole, and partially because some fo the flower centers weren’t as net as I had meant them to do. Best nes is this was my best project yet according to the teacher! I actually got an A!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t mind the fact that its pre cutting into a pentagon shape (with at least a 1 inch baorder all around) and that its also sideways and onto of a bunch of junk.

 I’d show you one of the other two projects I just finished because it just looks so cool. Unfortunatly my Dad stole them and took them to decorate his office before I managed to take a pic or 5.

On the Fiber front I got a large and packed full package from Sandy of  [Homestead Woll and Gift Farm] ( Which is very exciting! Yesterday when I should have been at the museum I actually packaged and labled all fo the fiber. I had hoped the weigh them and and record them and photo them. But the good camera is dead and the scale needs new batteries (I can get it to work for about 30 seconds by rubbing the batteries on my shirt and replacing them). So Bacially I just repackaged them into closable plastic bags and labled the bags.

I also started to repackaged and weigh out the medical cotton roving I purchased from an ebay seller. Again the scale and the camera. So its just pulled into really long pieces, braided and shoved into labled bags. Now, the medical cotton seemed like a much better idea then it atcually was. The fibers are shorter then I had expected. Now, I take a bunch of pills, adn the ones that I purchase in bottles (not the prescriptions ones) come in bottles stuffed with this sterile medical cotton. And the fibers aree really soft and long, easily drafted nad very nice. So I’ve often thought that medical cotton would be great to spin. When I saw the very cheap ($8.50 total for over 1.8lb of medical cotton, including shipping) stuff on ebay, I jumped. And I defintily jumped too soon!

I am also expecting several boxes of fleece I have ordered through ebay,a nd I realized (post) that perhaps that wasn’t the best idea. I know tht Sandy has wonderful fleeces, and I love to support a rescue farm. And I don’t really know if the fleeces on ebay are what people say, if the yhave bugs, or dandruf, or even if they’re string enough or well skirted, or have dung tags. And of course NONE of the fiber has come so far, which just ups the anxiety. And I really shouldn’t have purchased them. Oh, and did I meantion that I just bid on yet another bag of fleece, even though I should be getting around 8lb already. So yah, I’m really smart. And short on money. Anyone want some soon to be washed fresh sheeps fleece? Will be a very reasonable price! IE, basicallly fleece cost and shipping costs.

All of my professors have suddenly decided that we need to do large very labor intensive projects, and of course htye’re due this friday-saterday or monday. So instead of doing this I should be doing soemthing productive. And of course I feel really crappy, I’m coming down with

A) nasty cold

B) the flu

C) Another very nasty bought of depression (which was lifting)

D) a psychotic break or

F) all of the above.

On the fiber front I actually dyed some fiber, after digging through a load of winter storage to get the the white undyed top I purchased. And I dyed some icicle (sparkly stuff) which is so pretty and so fun!!!!!!!!!

I gifted a crocheter who makes losts of felted bags, is in my drawing and 2-d class, and is looking to start her own buisness with these three skeins (not all pic’d)

I call it “Purple Candy Swirl” its a very bulky 3-ply of hand dyed (bady, by me) pencil roving. 100% wool, organic until I dyed it. Its going to really felt very well! Particularly as its already partially felted! The recipient was very happy and kept asking how much it was ($). Of course I haven’t worked out that equation yet.


 This is about 600m of 2-ply lace weight. It is 70/30 Fawn Alpaca/Tussah silk. The roving was purchased from [Halcyon Yarns] ( however you can purchase it from almost any fiber store. Its one of those staples like merino roving and 100% wool roving. Something EVERYONE has, and if the ydon’t have it, well give them a few months and they will. It was OMG!!!!!!!!!! So soft and lvoely and snuggly! I admored spinning it. I do with that I had used like a bowl or something to hold the fiebr as I was spinning as I did lose a bit due to stickage to my cloths and stuff. But dreamy! Mum happens to ask me every chance she gets who I’m giving it to (*hint, hint, hint*). I’m not giving it to anyone, I lvoe it so! But I may let her knit something nice from it. Maybe a lovely lace shawl! Pure heaven! called “Silken Fawn” not very creative, but very acurate!

 This is “Spring Bud”, and the larger skein. 429 meters for this skein, 28 m for the mini navajo ply skein. Its very loft and my first “true” three ply. I don’t count the “Purple Candy Swirl” just because and I don’t coild navajo ply as its one strand make into three, not three strands to start with. Although I adore navajo plying! So fun! Anyway, the roving was 100% wool roving purchased from Eco Farm at the Spa in Freeport Maine this year. It was full of VM (vegtable matter) and shorter noils, neps and fiber chunks. So that was a pain. I did manage to spin it very fine and do the three ply for either light fingering weight or even lace weight. Which is very cool! Oh, did I meantion that it was green? 😉

Ignore the lip gloss, it was to keep the pic from turning yellow. This is a 2-ply light finger-lace weight yarn. I handspu nit. Its polypay and on its way to becoming a baby sweater. I handwashed the polypay locks from Sandy, handcarded them on a rented drum carder and then tore the batts into chuncks an rolled those into rologs (one is pic’d in the pic). It was spun mostly woolen style (a first). Very soft and totally lofty! I love it! And I love spinning polypay! I do have to say the one batt I spun worsted style was very hard (stipped into roving). Once I switched to woolen it was so much easier and nicer! I had hoped to maek it a three ply, but that didn’t work out. Maybe with the rest of th batts. I only spun about 1/2 of them for the baby yarn. (this is only the last skein, not reskeined, just fulled).

  This is the roving of grey llama, marron merino and red firestar. It became this:

 “Mixed Doubles” Same name I gave the roving. It was a thicker single ply’d with a beaded gold thread with black eyelash/fun fur thrown in every so often and marron/black/multi-colored ladder novelty yarn thrown in as well. Its very cool! 138 meters.

 This is a handcarded batt of handdyed BFL and soy silk with a little white icicle. 50/50 BFL/Soysilk.

 It becamse a thick and thin single ply’d with a Japanesse novelty yarn. I purchased the novelt yyarn years ago in amden Maine. It is actually 2 strandes. 1, all white with little white flags. The other a white thread with white thread coming off as flags and little dots of color in the white flags. I ended up msotly coiling the two together and the nvoelty yarn totally shows through. I had meant to do occasional behives to cover the novelty yarn completely, but that only worked once. It is super soft and totally fun. I call it “Green Clown Confetti” 104 meters.

 This is the left over from my spinning. When I ran out of the novelty yarn. I broke off the thick and thin single and ended up coiling it around crochet cotton. My first “real” coil. About 9 meters. Its very fun and will be great for a fringe or something like that. Bad pic, but very soft!

 These are the ing’s I gatehred to spin an art yarn. Almsot all fothe fiber is from Sandy. I flicked the brown romney locks (and spun them all from the butt end). I flicked most of the yellow (eye poppin’) merino x locks, and tried to spin those from the butt end. The rest of the locks were too short or tangles so I fluffed those up. The lilac Jacob locks I just fluffed up. Their are also picked white cooridale locks (I didn’t like them picked. They seemed very tangled  ratehr then open). I fluffed up the white cotswold locks (and fluffed in the white icicle). I fluffed up commercially dyed mohair locks I already had (purples, blues, greens, and pinks) and fluffed throug ha little blue sparkle stuff. I nthe end I ended up fluffing the cooridale locks together with some easter grass (pink, clear, sparkly, dark and light green) as well as fluffed the fluffed merino x in with it.

 This is “Nuclear Trash” o nthe niddy noddy. It is a two ply. I don’t know the meterage as I haven’t set teh twist yet. I spun mostly a fine single of the ing’s (2 bobbins, fairly even amount). In the end I just sort of threw the corridale, merino and easter grass at the wheel and shoved it onto the bobbin. Then I ply’d the two bobbins andf I LOVE the ayrn! Its so fun, and very different! I love the mohair locks ply’s with the cotswold locks. And I LOVE spinning cotswold locks. They’re sort of a cross between mohair locks and Suri alpaca locks. So soft, shinny and nice! AGAIN, IT WAS LOADS OF FUN. I also had help doing the spinning, for the first time!

 She only chewed through one pf the singles once. And yes, it is way too hard to pet a cat, treadle, spin a single and take a pic at the same time. So don’t expect it to be purrfect! And, Bruiser even put up the the treadeling. Which was kind of liek me continually kneeing her from one side and then the other. What a love!

 She was much more help when it came to plying. She contributed a little hair, didn’t chew through the yarn. And just snuggled on my lap.

So, I am off to actually get to work on my many projects. I am not looking forward to it! All I really want to do is sleep, read, spin and not worry about doing projects that I don’t understand, will get a bad grade on and end up spending days ratehr then hours on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





{August 21, 2007}   Cold!

Okay, normally in the winter, fall, spring and sometimes even summer I sleep with 2, count them two, down comforters. But of course since summer is the warmest season I also try and have them cleaned now. So, one has sat around the home waiting to be taken to the laundramat while the other has attempted to keep me warm. The past few nights, bad luck! So, so very cold! Although I’ve had two very nice warmers (aka Bruiser and Hazel!)


So, I’ve been doing a little spinning. And alot of hackling! I just love my hackle. Although the points are a bit weird! It’s liek someones hammered the tips so that they catch . Oh, and I used my tiny little hand combs today and totally pricked myself a million times. And bleed 4 times. Finger tips are very painful!

I spun the Dogwood from Spunky Eclectic (a random and mysterious wool mix). I really didn’t care for it. The colors aren’t me at all! (brown!) And the wool was rougher than I like, and the staple length was rather short. I really love long soft strands! However the roving was very spongy!


I set the twist today and its on the line drying. Is it just me or does the Spunky dyed roving bleed alot when you go to set the twist? Because both this and the Celebration shetland that I spun and set had like black water!

The yarn is a two ply. I tried to get the bobbins fairly even but failed hopelessly. So I ended up using the andean plying technic. A weird wrapping so that you can ply from both ends of the yarn. I also tried to spin fairly thickly. And I’m also happy with the plying. Nice and tight!

picture-040.jpg picture-045.jpg


I also flicked some locks I got from Holly EQQ and than hused my hackle to create roving. I got about 2oz of roving from the 4oz of locks. I could have gotten more but was fed up and wanted to spin at the end! I think it might be romeny. But I’m not sure and don’t want to look it up.

deep-purple-2.jpg picture-055.jpg

Again it was rougher than I like. But the locks were so long and so crimpy. I spun it fairly thickly. I also used the hackle to create a blend that has the same colorings. But I didn’t think I had enough to ply so the single stayed a  single. Which I also set the twist of today. And boy did it ever need it. So very very curly! Loads of body, actually alot like my hair! 😉

picture-071.jpg picture-077.jpg


On to different news. I’ve been accepted at Augusta although I’m still waiting for the letter. I signed up for classes, Intro to Biology plus the lab, Intro to Psycology, Communication in groups, and Intro to Criminal Law. I’m thinking of begging to get into another law class, its online. So far looks like I’ll be going to Augusta on Monday and Thursdays. Which is kind of nice. But makes me feel lazy. So I think I’ll try and add an online class. Of course over $375 went into buying books already. And they’re so heavy!

I also decided with two weeks before school starts (September 4th) I can use all the down time I can get. So I called and told the people at the hospital that I won’t be able to keep vollunteering. But after I’m settled into the semester I’ll call and try and set up more vollunteering if I feel I acn. Which looks very true now.

But honestly. The whole sick people was starting to bother me. Well not the sick people so much as the dirty. I know, hospitals are very clean and steril. But I did some of taht cleaning, and it didn’t feel very clean to me. Yes, I am a frek. Thanks so much!

On the Eternal Lands front I’m ahving a great time. However we always do these guild projects. They make the guild and the praticipants good money. However I’ve been in the guild for a while and I’m bored. We always do the same projects. Of course I don’t really know enough to suggest a good project that we can work on.

And Darkflower a newer member of the guild is having some problems. And I definitly don’t like taht! Dark is, well she’s Dark. And I lurv her just the way she is. Although she can be crude, rude and obscene she’s also her. And I hate that there are problems!

Hopefully next time I’ll have a pic of the hackle and all. But I still haven’t remembered to. Or I have and its been night so bad pic!.

Anyway, have fun. I know I am!

{August 16, 2007}   At Work…

Well, in anticipation of a long day, or rather a dull period I uploaded pics I took yesterday. So I cna write the post while I’m here and be semi productive. Anyway, its write a post or else knit. I plan on doing both. Plus restocking the snackbar and m,akeing sure there are enough johnies. (Johnies are those little hospital gowns people wear. They’re famous for not having backs, however all these johnies have backs. Or at least covered bottoms.

I’ve receieved an acceptance letter from Orono (University of Maine Orono) and know I will be getting one from Augusta. I stopped by and set up an appointment to talk to someone and pick my classes. My application file was on top of the pile and the people I talked to said that tehre was no problem. The only reason I hadn’t gotten the letter yet is tehy haven’t sent it yet. I was honestly rather surprised when they started talking about this stright A student and how it was a shoo-in. Than 5 minutes later I realized taht they had been talking about me. (Talk about slow!) Anyway, Friday I’ll go in early and pick my classes. Talk about possibel majors and all that. Very exciting! Of course tahn I’ll also be on my feet for 3 hours helping in Medical Oncology. Basically where people have there chemo, blood or other drips.

Okay, chemo is vast and nasty chemicals that people have dripped into their system. Like a patient getting blood during an operation. Radeation, where I am nowm has large machines which look a bit like CAT scans and the like without the dounut shapped bit. You literally have radiation or radioative treatment to try and stop and kill the cancer cells. Very interesting! And very sad! I really wish that there was no need for thisi nformation.

Anyway, I’ve set the twist in a bunch of yarns and reskeined them. They have been thouroughly scalded, thump, thwaked and stamped on.

Dandylion with coin set

Fo-Dandylion with a coin. THis is the superwashed merino I handpainted in an attempt to get the dandylion from Spunky’s fiber of the month. I was trying for a sock weight two ply. It’s two ply,a nd the twist is fairly even. I don[‘t think that it will pill too, too much. However it does go thick and thin. The thick is soft and light while the thin isoutstanding. I love the thin bits! There’s 700+ meters. At least on the big skein. The smaller one is just 50 or so meters. But I do love how the navajo ply looks! I just lvoe that bit!


This is the Goldfinch in mystery fiber. Handpainted by myster. Here I just tried for consistency and fun! Mum has been kidnapped by the sun and has fallen in love with this yarn and claimed it as her own. (I almost didn’t get to set the twist she loves it so much!) It has been marked to become socks. I’m really proud of it! Its navajo plied and fairly tight! It’s got tons of crimp and elasticity! Even I who really didn’t care for the colors like it. It’s very cheery!

And I must celebrate! I found a lost pacient! She wasn’t on the que but she was having simulation (CAT scan)! I feel very proud of myself!

Gypsy Caravan with Coin

And to celebrate I have Spunky’s fiber of the month Celebration. I’ve named it Gypsy Caravan as thats what the colors remind me of. It’s 4oz of shetland. It’s fairly even and has loads of crimp and elasticity! I’ll try and  get a better pic later. I navajo plied it and am ratehr proud of how it turned out. Fairly even. Probubly sock yarn. All in all I’m rather disapointed. I wasn’t crazy about the colors to start, and they still really aren’t doing anything for me.

Green Sparkles set

Sparkly green, hand-dyed and plied with occasional bits of green firestar. Very sparkly! And as always with the little bit leftover on one bobbin, navajo plied.


And of course with the coin for perspective. The wool was very crinkly and so soft! It got worse when I handpainted it and  the predrafting didn’t really help. It still had loads of nubbys and things. It’s fairly itchy but so, so pretty, sparkly and shiny! Unnamed as of yet! Just waiting for inspirtation. But hello! Talk about pretty!


Here’s my ball of roving I made from my DIY hair pick hackle. It has red firestar (actually red, yellow, orange and purple) and white soysilk and some mystery scrap roving dyed with fruit punch kool-aid. So this is the single being spun with the ball of roving plopped on so you can see both. Just fun spining. I wanted to see what my hackled roving looked like spun.


Its all fairly even and thin. But has these cool bits with mostly the firestar or the soy silk. As you can see its rather cool looking!


Najavo plied because tehre was only a little bit of the singles. I haven’t had a chance to set the twist yet. And there is hardly any. Bit I just love it! So pretty! So elegantish! Can yet tell I’m in love?

Okay, those are what I have done. Still looking for the missing bobbin so I can do my three ply with bamboo. I have the larger bobbins spining some wool I got from Spunky Ecelctic. It’s ugly, I totally stepped out of my colorways! But its very, very squishy!

Anyway. Onto knitting and checking people in, so fun, bye! 😉

{August 12, 2007}   Long Time No Seen

So, I’ve finished several new yarns. Mostly navajo plied. But all very pretty! And my parents are back so I’ve had a chance to photograf the missing skeins. However I haven’t reskeined for yardage yet.


dandylion washed

Dandylion colorway. I handdyed, handpainted supperwashed merino. So pretty, so soft! Hopefing for socks or something like that!

Lovei n the mist skeined

Love in the Mist, commercially dyed and prepared merino top. Handcarded with icicle ()sparkly stuff.) Sorry about the poor pic!

Goldfinch navajo plied but not set

Goldfinch! It’s mystery wool that I handpainted. I’m calling it Goldfinch (not canary as I said before) I navajo plied it with itself, but haven’t set the twist yet.

Caravan navajo plied but not set

And Caravan, Shetland top handdyed by Spunky Eclectic in Celebration colorway. This was my first instalment from the Fiber club! I navajo plied it with itself. It reminds me of a gypsy caravan, thus the name!


I also have another yarn plied and skeined but no pics uploaded yet. It’s green and sparkly and handyed. Really dificult to spin, but very pretty! (Obviously not plied buta pic of the stuff taht will be plied i  a makeshift lazy kate)

I also have some pics of the DIY hackle Dad and I riggedup with hair picks.


Ignore the wool, I’d weighed it out into ounces for dying purposes and happened to rest it on the chair. Ugly but semi functional.

My ditz My pretty dizt. Rummaged from my Mum’s old beading stuff. works pretty well. However the hole is pretty big.  On the upside itsa pretty purple, its sturdy and its got a little weight to it. Although I don’t really know why I like the weight part.

Hackles pink 

Its hard to actually make out the pic. But this is a ball of roving I pulled from the hackles. Mystery wool dyed with red koolaid. There is also white soysilk and red and purple sparkles called firestar I bought from Spunky Eclectic.

Dad and I also made a Hackle with an oak board and nails. But I haven’t taken a pic of that either. It’s working pretty well. But could definitly be much better. But hey, instead of 185 dollars shucked out its great!

Mum and I also started washing the Boarder Lanacaster she and grandma bought for me while she was in Wisconsin. The ones I’ve seen so far is gourgous! Long soft locks!

I’m really disapointed in the Scottish Black Face I bought. It’s got really bad dandruf, or whatever its called. And of course you can’t get that out so the fleece is poorer quality. I’m flicking and than hackling some I dyed and its discusting! The fiber is so soft and long onces its been thouroughly flicked but its disgusting whats left behind, and whats still in the fiber!

I also got an acceptance letter from UM. But I’m not sure if that means all the maine colleges (that system anyway) or the Augusta or Orono colleges. So very exctiting and very confusing!

Anyway, late (or rather early) so I’m off to bed after a very thourough shower (picked the raw flece, ick! and flicked the locks). Hopefully I’ll have better or more pics tommarrow, or soon.

Night all!

et cetera