Life, Fiber, Books and All

{September 6, 2008}   Does life make you? Or do you make life?

I really wish I knew, ’cause then I could blame things on “fate” or whatever.

When I was younger I was really sick for a long time, and that changed everything completely. Now, its not like I was diagnosed with some illness and it was life changing and all. It happened gradually. And I happened to fall into a compeltely different path. I went from being someone who expected to go to a great school somewhere out of state, and do fantastic things.

And, not I’ve gone to a private college *one class*, a community college *1 year* and now a state college *This is my second year here*. And I plan to attend another state college and get a degree in plant biology.

I *was* going to major in art and be an art teacher. Or maybe fufill my real dream and be a dancer or actress.

Do you see the complete difference of reality?

Yah, me too!

And yah, maybe I would have ended up doing biology before, but some how I doubt it. And I know that I won’t do the whole actress/dancer thing. And the whole art teacher is unlikely. Sure, I’d still love those things. But I’m not sure that teaching art would give me the same joy it would have before.

Did life make me who I am? Did it do the whole complete change of reality? Or did I make life what it is. Did my passivity, or past, or whatever make life into this complete antithesis?


I really want to know, did I make my life? Or did my life make me?


Yes, you can get into the whole “nature or nurture”, which is probubly the exact same question. But it doesn’t fit.


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