Life, Fiber, Books and All

{May 12, 2008}   Vacation!!!!!!!!!!

So, very simply put I’m on vacation!!!!!!!!!!


I finished up classes this last Wensday and feel so light, fluffy and relaxed!!!!!! Its amazing, never before have I really been burned out from school, I’ve never really wanted to end school and just stop. So, I spent Thursday just sleeping and fooling around, and then going off to a spinning group. Unfortuantly the spinning group is moving to wensday and I’m going to have classes on wensday.


I’m not sure how I feel about having school during the summer. I know that I need to be around people and do something constructive as I tend to get worse when I’m by myself doing just fun stuff. And I know that I’ll enjoy the classes as Susan Baker will b teaching it, and chemistry should be fun. But it is during the summer, and I doubt that the school has air conditioning. At least in the older building (where I’ll have class). After chemistry ends I’ll start the second summer session and do US History II.

Everyone thinks I’m insane. Chemistry apparently freaks people out. They’re all scared of it, and they all haed it in high school, and did I meantion that they’re all scared of it? Oh, and everyone seems to have US History as well. So who knows………..

Anyway, I’ll have this week off before starting classes on the 19th of May. I’ve also signed up for classes for the fall. A math class, physics, advanced technical writting and American Sign Language I. I’m hoping I’ll ahev a bit of a head start with ASL because I went to a camp for deaf people when I was younger and we had to learn ASL. I’m also hoping I’ll be much better at reading peopels signs, I could do them just fine. I just had trouble reading what they said.

I got braces this last Tuesday, and of course by Friday I had managed to break one of them. So I’ll have to stop by the orthidontist on Monday and get it reglued. I’ll also need to stop by the hospital and have blood drawn for a test. Of course the blood test requires that you fast so no eating before going in. And because I know I’ll get a really disgusting mouth if I eat before having the brace fixed I won’t eat before then either.

I also have a dentist apointment on Monday, so fun. And I plan on driving to Augusta to get my books for the summer sessions as well as see if the portfolios I dropped off for the teachers to grade have been graded.

I’m going to go looking for a new spinning group to find this week as well, so hopefully I’ll find a few that might work.

Yesterday I spent alot of the day washing fleeces. I washed the pound of Rambouillet from Homestead Wool and Gift Farm. And that was so fun and nice!!!! I love how clean and fresh and nice their fleeces and fiebrs are!!! (I also got a pound of washed white cotswold locks, a pound of washed border lanchester, and 8oz of washed white Randy McNair romney (soooo soft!). The pound of raw Jacob was accidentally left out of the package so their sending that.

Yesterday I also finally got the one pound of Rambouillet  I purchased off ebay from  ita-kk. Its fithy and I did multiple washes to try and get it clean, it also took forever to get here. So I am defintily telling them my expirience and that I am very, VERYdisapointed.

Speaking of disapointed I also was totally honest on my teacher and class reveiw and even signed the comment section so it will be in their permananet records. I didn’t last semsester with my worst teacher and I so regreted it!!!!!!!!


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