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{March 28, 2008}   Must the computer always log me out?

Now, in general the computer is a pretty good creature, it does what I want. Plays games with me, helps me to study and finish projects faster and communicate without using a phone. (I asmit it, I really don’t like phones, you could even say I fear phones). But why does it randomly have to log me out of EVERYTHING.

 And I mean everthing. The random site I actually have a username for, but rarly actually use, so I just stay perminently logged on. The sites that  I visit so often that it would just be a waste it log on every time.

Oh, and the rather more official sites that offer a service or something.

And of course I never actually rememeber the username or password. Sometimes its not even my official account.

Take Netfliks for example. Its my Dad’s account, he pays the money and its his name. But he and my mum never actually bother to do anything with it, they just tell me what thjey want, when they want it, and recomend good movies or shows. I put those on and put on movies, shows, documentaries and other things. Basically I get my need for new dvd’s and interesting different things filled without paying loads to the local(ish) movie rental place. And I can choose from loads of different movies, shows and things which would never be avalible from a local chain movie store.

Anyway, everything is in my Dad’s name, and the credit card is his. So I either have to make an educated guess, shift through loads of random papers looking for the random slip of paper which has the info written on it (my Mum claims to keep a folder with the info for all of our random sites and passwords, but if you ask where it is ot for it you don’t actually get anything). Now, eprhaps it is out there somewhere, actually I know it is as I wrote the info down. But their is absolutly no way I’ll find it. I could also bug my Dad to try and help figure it out, and after we end up yelling at each other several times, and he ignores me when I say I’ve tried everything (so he retries it because of course I didn’t actually try anything) he’ll try and remember which credit card the service is on. And then we’ll ahev to email them to get the password, and the return email will inevitably go to an old email account which was closed, which we updated them on. And blah, blah, blah.

This is an occurance which happens about every 6 weeks – 3 months for my normal accounts. And probubly monthly for the accounts I use regularly. For netfliks and any other service sites we use its about yearly. And I can kind of understand that. Once a year they could do something, but thats not it.

Look at the Barns and Nobles web site, which I haven’t used for probubly 3 years now, it still has all of the info remembered.

And the other things, I ALWAYS click “rememebr my info” or “keep me logged in”. So why do they kick me off. Its really a pain in the ass to relog into everything. And I inevitably forget a few sites, which are usually the ones I need really quickly.

So now I have to go dig through loads of junk, old papers, dig out a few boxes for games I play, but that have newer versions that I use rather then the origional cd.

And the other things, why do sites always have to do service junk late at night? Those are the times I can actually and do actually use the computer. Do it during the day when most people are working and thus cannot access the sites. (Or just do it at a time more convenient to me. After all, the world does revolve around me!)

 And why the heck does the internet always get slower around 10pm-1am. Does soemthing special happen? Or is it just to annoy me? Because it does a really good job. I inevtiably get kicked out of a few sites, get an error message or two and want to throw something at this dumb computer.

 So, all of the sites I actually want or need to visit. The ones I like have logged me off, and I cannot remember the names or passwords. And inevitably I’ll have to fix the problem now, otherwise I’ll wonder too much and not sleep.

So I suppose I have better stop whinning an dget to it.

But really, I click “don’t log me off” so they log me off?


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