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{March 22, 2008}   I know its a complement, but isn’t the customer always right?

So I went to art class this afternoon, and knew that afterwords I’d need to get gas for the car and groceries for the tummies.

Now, I had meant to get up semi early, go to Augusta and sign up for the sumemr classes, get gas and groceries and find a hair salon place to dye poart of my hair  green. Well of course all I managed to do was pop some frozen waffles into the toaster oven, re-email a paper to my dad for crrection and fall back into bed to sleep. My Mum woke me up just in time to leave for my art class (3:30pm to leave) and there I went.

I brough my latest art piece from drawing and got Pats opinion and tips on how to fix part of it. I chatted with the other people there, tried to convince Pat she should write an art book. And then left.

And I convinced myself I HAD to haev green hair. Now, the one salon I really like doesn’t dye hair anything but natural colors. So no blues, greens, or anything like that. Sure, it can have a bit of a green shade, but hardly that.

So, I park on the street, something I HATE! just because I saw an open sign on a salon door. Now, I’ve already stopped at one salon and it was closed. So this is my second one today. I have to know yo enter as they’ve locked the door, apparently the wind kept blowing it open. I ask the guy if he’s still open, there aren’t any signs telling the hours. He says “maybe, what do you want?”

I explain that I’d like to have part of my hair dyed green.

He immedeatly sands up straighter, acesses my hair, which hasn’t been washed for three days and is pulled back into a messy pony tail with bits falling out. Then he frowns slightly, tells me that my hair is gorgous and he wouldn’t do a thing to it. He thinks about it a little, and can’t decide if he’s have to bleach my hair or not. Then tells me its gorgous as is, and he wouldn’t touch it. Condesendingly he adds that the salon down the street soemtimes does “those crazy colors”

So, now I walk down the street for a few blocks (already having walked 2 blocks to get to the shop). I walk and walk, and walk fighting the wind all teh way. I get into the store, which has an open sign up, but the hours sign says that they’re closed. SO I ask them, same as above.

They can’t decide if they’d have to bleach my hair either, and debate about that and weather either of them wants to take another customer. Now, their are two stylists and each of them are working on a customer. When they find out I want green they shut down, frown and tell me condisendingly that they don’t carry that color.

What the heck! Now, the first place I could kind of understand, it had that older, 40’s+ feel. They guy who was the stylist was clearly older and very into the classic looks and feels. But seriously, isn’t teh customer always right? I mean I want green hair, AND I’m willing to pay someone to dye my hair green. They could dye it Any way they like, in streaks, bloaches, multiple shades. Whatever! Aren’t they supposed to be like “Yah!!!” and have fun? They always do when I tell them they can cut my hair however they want.

Now, I have shopped for green hair dye at several pharmacies and drug stores, and at three different groccery stores. None have it!!!! One had blue. And they all had red, and 2 had something that might be considered purple. But no green at all! I am so sick of looking at Sun-In and all that stuff.

But, I presist, I remembered that their is  Sally’s in a new strip mall near the free way. So I stopped there (I also needed to turn around so taht I could get gas on the other side of the street, and their is no way to turn left without diving head first into traffic). And they had green dye!!!!! They were helpful and kind of excited! They were out of the nice green dye, but they did have it! Three kinds actually. The preminant green was all gone. They had a temporary green that would immedeatly wash out and a spray in neon green that’s supposed to last for a few washes. Of course I got it, its brigh and green and cool. (and the two girls there also had to debate weather my hair needed to be bleached!)  I used up the whole can trying to spray streaks in my hair, and only managed to do about half my head. But that’s okay. It’s clearly meant for someone just spraying a little on the surface of their hair, not “dyeing” streaks. And its also clearly soemthing you do with your girlfriend. Too bad I don’t have any to help me with this.

But I am so excited, and slightly high from the fumes, I have green hair!!!!!!! I have no idea how it really looks, but thats okay. Its freaking green!

My Mum is going to hate it, but thats fine. Sure, it will make me feel aweful, and I’ll resent her and possibly cry. But whatever, I have green hair!

 So,  as I said I know its a complement, my hair is apparently great and gorgous as is. But if I’m not happy with it what’s the point of someone else telling me tehy won’t change it. Isn’t the principle of a stylist to give the customer something stylish, good looking and something that the customer wants? I mean seriously, they’re payign the money for the service. You’re supposed to help them, not say green hair is stupid and I won’t do it.

Seriously, get over yourself man.

Green is the newest, new color. And I totally rock! At least from my point of veiw. And isn’t that the view that matters?


Jarody says:

I just stopped at Sally’s on Western ave. They no longer carry permanent green. They only carry the stuff that lasts 1 wash.


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