Life, Fiber, Books and All

{March 21, 2008}   So, why do I always get an urge to blog at inoportune times?

Like at 1:22am, or last night at 2 and then 3 am respectivly. (I was lying in bed trying to sleep, and feeling really bad about skipping a class, my first class to ever do that.)

Why do I always think of quisi-brilliant posts when I’d driving home from somewhere?

And why does my head hurt so much lately? Its a headache! Doesn’t it know that its supposed to go away eventually. And sooner ratehr then latter eventually.

 Why do books published in the 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s always seem to fall apart while you’re reading them? And when they do fall apart why do they always hit you in the nose?

Why do I never have enough time, but at the same time have too much of it?

Why am I addicted to this aweful game. Why does it make me groan and skrech when I mess up?

And why is this game fun? Why much I build a building? And why do I think about it at 2:30 am and try and coem up wi th a stratagy between thinking up blog posts?

 Why didn’t I listen to my teacher and find a photo that wazs meaningful to me? Why didn’t I do something edgy and cool rather then soemthing elagant and rather standard?

Meet my birthday card project for 2-D design. It was to be made in black and white with the color of your choice, you could do any shade of that color. You also needed to input an image. Otherwise we could do whatever we wanted with photoshop.

birthday card

Perhaps this assignment was so uninspiring to me because I never had good birthday’s. They were usually dull, quick and without meaning. The few that had meaning were full of bad memories and probubly latent hostility.

Why is this game so interesting? Is it because its black and white? Or because it requires thinking?

And why after that game much I play this game (but only if I one Shift)

Why is this post full of games? Am I going to get someone else hooked? I know that I’ve gotten my Dad hooked on Bloons Tower Defense Game 2. Which I already blogged about. Now I never know if he’ll be playing any of the three levels of that game, spider solitair (which I also taught and got him hooked on), Snood or Snood Towers (of the two I only hooked him on the later), or if he’ll be playing the requisit game of hearts on the computer or the bridge computer game he bought.

Why does he always actually start to work on his homework when someone else needs the computer? Why do I always actually get to work when someone else needs or wants the computer?

Why can’t clean laundy put itself away? And why in the word is clean laundry so attarcted to the floor that it insists on jumping onto the floor and instantly becomeing dirty?

Another why? Why do these two games seem so fun and easy, but in reality happen to be challenging (and fun before challenging) and why do they insist on being played?

Why did I stay up until 12:20 finishing a paper that’s due tomarrow? And why did that paper involve looking at 4 library web sites, comparing ad contrasting them as well as evaluating them? And why when I’m writting something do I usually haev a voice and even personality that shines through? Why can’t I just write a semi-research paper and have it clear consis and to the point. Why must my opinions and thoughts invade everything I do?

Why in the world do those dump pop up email things annoy the heck out of me?

And last of all, why much I play one of those dumb games before going to sleep. Even though my thumb is sore from all the typing (I swear I’m holding it strange. But it makes sense when I’m doing it.). And why dn’t I just go to sleep, I need and want it. There is nothing stopping me!

Oh, and why do I want Holly to win America’s next Supermodel. I don’t even know why I like her. I think its because when the show started she had a memorable hair cut, so I could remember and pick her out. I do think she’s a good model. Perhaps not this week, but defintily the other weeks.

Why does Ronnie bug the hell out of me. He used to be one of my fav’s. But now he seems to be a cocky ass. I liked that sweet clean cut guy. I wanted him to win. Yah, his pics when he’s not the clean cut American guy are generally better. But his attitude and actions are so much worse!



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