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{January 25, 2008}   College- A new semester!

So, I’ve started my classes at UMA again the smester is well(ish) underway. I have two online classes and three classroom classes. The 2-D design and Drawing on Monday and wensday in that order and College Algebra on Wensday after the drawing  class.

So basically I get up really early (read 6:55am), have my first class at 9:30am (it takes at the very least an hour to get to the school) and I’m there all day pretty much.

Now, I’ve only had two classes of each clas. See, the first day of class (a monday) we had a snow day so class was cancelled, I had Wensday’s classes. Then We had Martin Luther King Jr. day so no class. But I had it wensday, and I came home absoutly exhaisted. I mean fall into bed and not being consious exhausted.

Now, it is a really long day, and the classes were all rather long. My god man, the drawing professor TOLD us to get sharpies (along with at least $100 worth of supplies for me, but I already had the other $150 worth of supplies). So I was rather dubious, why would anyone want to draw with sharpies. But hey, I got them. I even got two kinds, the fine and extra fine, as well as some in color. WRONG! On wensday he discovered that those weren’t the kind he wanted, no we should have gotten drawing pens. Surprise, surprise, they’re cheaper then sharpies. So I have a box full  (think long narrow tissue box) of sharpies which I will never use as A) they smell b) I don’t like them and c) why use a dumb bleeding and smelly marker when you can use a nice smooth pen?

And the math class (can you tell this is a rant? Well you should have noted that when I titled the post “College…”) is horrieble! He doesn’t teach. I will admit that he does show us how to do some of the equations on the graphing claculator. But I’m in teh class to learn to do the damn math! Not how to work the calculator. And his excuse for not teaching- read the book. Yes, read a math book. Now, I am one of the few people who actually read all of their reading’s and school crap. But math books are a little too much. For me their just very expensive books with problems you do to imprint the math into the mind forever (aka a tourture device!).

Anyway, I did try to read the math book. I actually did. I tried to read several parts that were relevant and were suppose to teach me how to do the problem. Well they do if you consider the abc equation with no direction as to how to do it a learning device. And even if I did immedeatly understand how to problems were supposed to be done, the equations (I call them abc because they all have letters rather then numbers. You just have to know which letter goes with which number of the equation your solving. Replace the letter with the number and figure out how to do it!) are just too arquan. Please let ehe book speak some level of english.

So this class has me incredibly stressed, and between everything else and life and mum refusing to admit she made a mistake I had a melt down today. One of those moments when all I wanted to do was crawl into bed, cry and go comatose fr a few years. Seriously! And I’m defintily not out of the woods yet. So hopefully I will regain some semblance of unstress, however I’m not holding my breath.

I have finished uploading the pics and have labled a few of them (think batts of roving) and I have ripped out both fingerless gloves that I origionally knit (very ahrd after hidding the stitches) and reknit them and wrote a pattern, then reversed the pattern (a little bit) to do the left hand glove. I really liek them. They do everything I want. And I do not care that mum says the thumb was cast off too tight (I hate loose cast offs, their floppy and messy and pill and crap). My thumb is very comfortable, and her thumb is snug. Not tight, not hard or anything. So, I have knit my first real pair of fingerless gloves. It was veyr fun.

And I haven’t really done much else.

 Hope you’re all having fun!



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