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{January 12, 2008}   Three weeks is a long time!

So, I’ve pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. And whats have I been doing with the lovely three weeks of vacation between semesters?

 Well, playing with this lovely lad I rented from Spunky Eclectic:

drum carder

You can see that he’s been playing with fiber already. His licker has blue fluff on it, but thats okay.

So basically, w

hat I’ve been doing. Sleeping, playing with him (no I didn’t name him, but I did think about it) and watching TV and DVD’s. Very fun and productive from a fibery point of veiw. Otherwise I ignored reality and everything else, plus all the funb stuff. I never played EL, I did pop on occasionally to wish people a happy new year and tell people I was still alive. I popped onto hotmail IM a few times to do the same thing. I fought off at least two threatening fits of depression, very bad ones!

 The post trying to talk to Dark is an unsecsesful attempt to stave off the start of one of thsoe depressions.

 Anyway, I keep dreaming about getting into car accidents which is really distrubing and I thankfuylly took my Mum’s offer to drive me into an art class today. So I did not drive, I did not get into an accident but I did rather colorfully (in my mind, Mum hates cursing!) curse the gods and goddesses of weather and particulraly rain.


Anyway, some nice things. What you atcually want to hear or see. What I did with the drum carder, basically go through most of my fiber, dyed and otherwise, dyed up a bunch of stuff. And spent over $100 on plain white fibers to restock my stash. But thsoe are all waiting to be dyed up. I do wish that I had dyed more of the fiber first. And that I had done a few plain luxury batts- IE read white merino, white angora, white soy silk, or merino and soy silk, or merino and mohair even. Basically stuff I didn’t do. And the toy goes home tomarrow. Whic hwill be a nice trip. And hopefully I can get a little more fiber, because of course we all know you can never have too much fiber. 😉

Hopefully I can build or rig up a light box and photo all of the batts I blended up, and maybe the rest of mys stash. Then log it onto Ravelry. Speaking of Ravelry, that is where the rest of my time has gone.

 Anyway, fiberyness: picture-383.jpg

There is the merino from a batt of primerose (no, I don’t rememebr the brand name) that was commercially dyed. I hated the color, so obviously that meant I had to do soemthing with the fiber. I blended it with angelica in silver and purple. Icicle in white. Hand dyed adult hoair locks I purchased at the Fiber Frolic in Maine, they’re in purple, moss green, navy blue and azure blue. Also soy silk dyed a pink, a purple and a blue respectively. I beleive that their is some white angora as well.

picture-409.jpg This of course is a very bad pick of the batt after I pulled it off the drum. I’m thinking I will spin it for a ravelry spin along on one of the groups- as a snowed in color theme. And I beleive it had angora in it, so that ifts with the bunny theme as well.


And above is very carefully weighted out and divided (although I didn’t actually record the weights and precentages.) superwashed merino dyed to be a pink and white strippy roving. Merino dyed to have shades of pink, but generally a solid, and the bamboo roving from Holly EQQ, dyed and named Poppy Flower. In addition I threw in white icicle and plenty of white angora.

And here is the ball on the drum: picture-423.jpg

And of course the batt off the drum (I beleive I got three batts): picture-428.jpg

And please note that all of these pics were taken at night, with the flash and under bad lighting.

And here is Hazel snoozing on a bag full of wool and knitting. The project inside the bag is going to eventually be a felted bag. And Hazel just loved it! Not only does it smell good when she drags the yarn out of the bag, but the whole project is very soft and comfy!


And on the other front I joined a knitting group, called the Loose Knit Group:

Which is fun and different. From wha tI gather its mroe about getting ahead of the holiday knitting for next year. But for me its just about trying something new. For January it is knitting a pair of gloves or mittens. Now I’ve never knit mittens let alone gloves, or anything but barbie cloths, and very bad hats in the round. So I knew I needed to do something simple, easy and probubly fingerless. I asked Mum several times, okay twice, for a good pattern or two. But ended up finding one online, printing it and starting from there.

 So, the pattern is potluck wool finegrelss glvoes, or soemthing liek that. Knit on size 5 needles (called for 7) with my homespun. Rememebr this:Caravan navajo plied but not set

“Gyosy Caravan”, well it turned into these: fingerless gloves in gypsy caravan

They were a really fast knit, just a few hours, or rather a few TV shows. And it was very cool to knit with some homespun. But because the needles were smaller (gauge was different) the regualr part of the gloves fit everyone but me (small hands) and the thumbs (which I cast of tightly on purpose) fit no one but me. So I defcided I didn’t live the gloves, tore one apart, or frogged it. Which is really hard after hiding the ends and everything. And decided to reknit them, changing or writting the pattern as I went along. I’m interesting how they will turn out, but have hardly done more then the cuff of the first glove. And the second hasn’t even been ripped out. I’m actually thinking of just reknitting it as it was, lengthening the glove part a bit and casting off the thumb loosly. Which really wouldn’t require nearly as much work. But then again, who knows!

School starts this next week. I have two art class on Tuesday and Thursday, a math class on wensday and two online classes. I am ratehr pissed off that the obline class needs to be through the schools email, as theirs is very bad! You can only see five messages, and even when you delete them you cannot see any new messages. So I’ll curse at it a bit more and then throw my Dad at it. Hopefully he can figure something out. However I must say I literally spent 3 hours this afternoon trying to get it to work, in ANY form!


A well, somehow to blog is messed up and posting like this, in the middle. I cannot seem to fix it, and its 12:48 am. So I will leave ytou with a nice and cute pic of Bruiser the cat. She’s curled herself int oa very tiny shelf on a black laminated catty thing I have for my school books. At the moment its full of the fiber books and Spin Off magazines I have as I didn’t feel like looking at abny school books from my poast semester.


Oh, and I got A’s in all of my classes but Communication in Groups and Organizations. Which really pisses me off. I know I got a B in that class, and thats not a bad grade. But I honestly desereved a better grade, she was a very bad teacher. I didn’t learn anything, it was a waste of my time. And I really wish I had actually signed to comment so it would have gone into her perminant record, unsigned ones don’t. I know it sounds childish and liek I’m sulking or putting the blame on her instead of taking it for myself. But I’ve thought about this alot, veyr clamly and rationally. Those are the conclusions I’ve come to, plus several others. And I am not the only person who felt like this, every, I mean EVERYONE who has taken her classes and I’ve talked to them has felt this way. And no, I did not influence their statements and they were the ones who brought the subject up.


Anyway, Bruiser and good night!



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