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{December 4, 2007}   Bah! NEEDED A CHANGE BUT NO TIME TO POST.

Ignore the cap lock above

So, below is I hopea link to the powerpoint I have prepared for by Biology class. Basically by myself. I made them send me info, which was ratehr difficult to do. Then rewrote everything in some semblance of grammer and english. And added pic’s I “stole” from various sites. Sorry about that!

Mighty Mitochondria

I do have new yarns and projects and things. One yarn was even 29 WPI!!!!!!

 I’ve knit a scarf from my homespun. And Have deicded that I need to become a genetisist.

Not a dna typer or whatever is on those police shows. Thats dull. I want to study genes and all that. I want to learn abou these things.

 Dad is excited, but then he was a Biology Teacher. Mum doesn’t kno what to make of it. And I’m now pissed as we had a snow day today (thus the powerpoint is done ahead of schedual) and now I will need to meet with my communications group to go over our presentation.

 And a Cat because we all need cats!

Allie and Hazel cat

 Hazel and Allie snuggled up

Hazel sweet

And of course Hazel butt, what a little love!


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