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{November 6, 2007}   29 Wraps Per Inch

So, I’m loath to admit it. But I totally bombed my Biology Lab test. I did royally aweful. A 70 something grade! A happy guin this does not make. So, I’m really hoping  do laods better on my second test, and on the group project, and on the lab repor.

 Anyway, last Thursday we had another Biology test, this time in lecture. I’m fairly confident about this one. I really knew everything but the different transport methods. Those, I kind of knew, but not perfectly. And I think the whole class is a bit stressed because we came prepared to write an essay on the Chlorophil, the Mitocondria, or the Nucleus. I cam prepared to write about either the mitocondira or the nucleus. And the quesion wasn’t even on the test. So I hope our professor is fair about that, but who really knows.

So, anyway, some pretty pics from the Common Ground Fair and whatnot:

Spinning Wheel, Sirius

First of my 21st birthday gift. A Fricke Double Treadle. He has been names, and yes it is a he, Sirius. (pronounces Sirus) And yes, it is the name of one of my favorite charactures ever, as well as in Harry Potter (I cried so much when he died), as well as the Dog Star. And no, I do not pronounce the name correctly. But its my Wheel so  I can name him what I want!

Wlaking on the Sun BFL roving

“Walking on teh Sun” BFL which came with the wheel. From Spunky Eclectic.

Walking on the sun Plied

I split the roving dow nthe middle, spun each half on a bobbin and than plied them. I simply love the resulting skein. And Mum appaears to ahev alreayd layed all current and future claims on it.

Brown wool roving

The last bit of the brown roving I purchased at the Common Ground Fair, no I don’t know what type, or where it came from.

Silk Roving

An ounce of Silk I got 2 years ago at the Fiber Frolic.

Silk roving drafted

And the silk Pre-drafted.

Bobbins of silk and wool

The Singles Awaiting plying. Aren’t they lovely?

Skeined and unset

Plied up and unset. Aren’t they lovely? There’s alot of glare in teh photo, but they’re relly nice together. However the wool did not liek to ply up, it kept trying to break off from the silk. I was hoping to kind of have the brow wool get cutinto by the red silk, but it didn’t happen.

Silk and silk wool ply

And after haveing the twist set, and reskeined. Aren’t they lovely? There so pretty, it reminds me of fall leaves and the trees. There was extra silk so I navajo plied it. It hardly became any thicker, but itss ever so lushious!

Blue pencil roving

I got this blue pencil roving at the same place I got the above brown.

dyed pencil roving

Mum also got two packages of white pencil roving from the sme place. I, of course, had to dye it. However after two dyebaths I’ve pretty mush given up. the bottom and middle are very white, and the top and sides are purple and pink.

Wools roving

I also got these with the brown roving. I think I’ve tear them into chucks, weigh them into two halves, spin and than ply them. Randomly grabbing into the bags for chunks of roving.

Bamboo and Merino blend

Mum got me this, 50/50 merino/bamboo, at some spinning weekened.

50/50 silk/ merino roving

As well as this 50/50 merino/silk blend. Isn’t it dreamy! I forsee lace weight in this future.


Other rovings

The above two are roving’s from the Common Ground Fair, again I don’t remember where. However they were also at the Fiber Frolic and I purchased some dreamy roving and dyed it with kool-aid. It was raelly the first fiber I really spun on my Babe wheel, and the fiber that really got me spinning. So I’m hopeing I got some more of it. However I really have no idea. Nothing was labled, with price or fiber content either time. Which is really very disapointing.  I even asked what fiber different rovings had and the lady couldn’t tell me. 😦

Orange and Blue rovings

This was also from the Common Ground Fair. Again, mystery roving. It stated wool, which is very generic. And the colors, I really just want to spin something orange and blue. Complimentary colors and all. Again, mystery stand.

Pygora goat and finn

I beleive that this is a pygora goat and fin 50/50 blend. However I may be wrong. It is dreamy!

Pygora goat white roving

This is the same stand, and about 1 ounce of 100% pygora goat roving. Tyler Farm. Dreamy to touch!

Dyed Alpaca locks

The white Alpaca locks from teh Fyburge Fair that I washed and dyed. They’re so soft and lovely. Although I don’t think I washed them well. The fiber isn’t as nice as it was before the washing. And the dying defintily didn’t help!

merino silk blend

50/50 merino/silk rope from The Woolen Rabbit. Also from the Fryeburge Fair. I purchased two braids, and wish I had had more money to purchase some of the other colors and blends! I highly recomend taking a peak at there fibers. Think heavenly!

Art yarn balled

I did a presentation in Communication class on Spinning. (she said do something you know…) And I had started out thinking I would show differen’t spinnings and stuff liek that. In the end I really just followed one fleece dwon the line for cleaning and prep. ANd than some basics on spinning, including plying and cabling and all that.  I spun a few samples for the class. And also tried to spin an art yarn to show that ayrn isn’t just yesterdays dull news. So it as freshly washed whtie Alpaca, bits of burgandy mesh, gree firestar, Icicle, purple sari silk and some green and red mohair locks. I dumped everything into a box and sort of teased everything toegther. And than just spun it. I set the twist and ended up balling it (yes, Pluckyfluff I love you’re journal, I love the yarns and the art!). Mum stole to ball before I had a chance to take a pic, so this is a pic of the ball while Mum’s a-knitting.

Knit cool bit

The finished product. However its not actually a scarf of anything, mum cast ona  few too many stitches. But isn’t it really cool looking! I’m calling it Santa’s Scraps. Kind of liek the left over bits after handing out everything else in his bag.


These would be the samples. The single is totally over twisted, but I wanted a single that had more than one color so the strands stood out. (We’d just stopped at Halcyon Yarn and picked up a bag of roving scraps, ayh!). A 2 ply with yellow hand dyed merino and commercially dyed black shetland (I think). And a three ply with the 2 ply left overs and some commercially dyed purple shetland (again, I think).

Plied Boarder dyed Lanchester

The first Spinning From Sirius. Its merino locks from the Irish Ewe. I bought them at the Fryeburge Fair, and than dyed them with Jacquece dyes. One bobbin was spun on the babe, but the rest of the locks were all spun on the Fricke, and than plied. The small skeins are from where the yarn broke as I was skeining. There are lots of lovely curls and bits. I really actually like this yarn!

Dyed and plied romney

Hand dyed and Spun Romeny locks. It as a grey fleece I got at the Fryburge Fair. I washed the fleece, and than dyed some of the locks a purple and bright red. The grey and black bits tooned down the colors (just like I wanted). I ended up hand carding the locks into rologs and spinning them, than plying them. However I wish I had spun a bit more aggressively, as when I was plying the singles occasionally fell apart. However, the yarn seems very lovely so far. Just in wait of a fresh and nice fulling.

Goblins eyes

I got a double helping of Goblins Eyes from Spunky Eclectic. Each or 4 ounces of Romney in Spunkeys October colorway. I braided the fiber (mostly a whim) to store the fiber better. I’m not crazy about the colors. I like the green and purple, but don’t at all like the browns and black. So who knows whne this will get spun. Although I do hope to get it done before Novembers colorway.

Sally and Haezel

And because they’re so cute! Sally (the dog) and Haze (the kitten) curled up toegther. They’re bothing jumping up because I might play, so this is the only pic I got of them snuggling. However its so very sweet! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them curled up together! So, basically, adorable!

Oh, and the 29 wraps per inch, well no pics of that. Its my 2 ply from Aspen. Mum needed a wraps per inch to get the gauge (lace weight apparently) so she can knit Pat a scaft. Its comeing along lvoely, and has some subtle stripping. I simply love it!

 Night all,



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