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{October 26, 2007}   Long Time No Speak

So, its been well over a week since I last blogged. And not much has happened. I’ve tried a wine, very fruity but too biterish for my taste. A Badger Mountain chardiney, except I cannot spell.

 I got a 94 on my Biology test, and an 80 something on my Criminal Justic test. It was rather low, 60-70 soemthing. But when he went through the test afterwords if we asked questions about any of the questions he automatically said it was a bad question and gave us the points for it. So that raised my grade a bit. And now, here is the thing. I have no head for grades. So  I figure if it’s a 90 soemthing its an a-b and god. 80 soemthing is a b-c and not very good. I can live with about 86, but everything under that is automatically aweful. So I freak out rutinely (okay, in high school) and think I’m failing when I actually have a decent grade.

Than I had a biology lab test this last week. And I don’t think I did all that great. It was a very poorly written test. Which should be no surprise as she’s a very poor teacher. However, I was surprised and disapointed. I studied and think I did decently. However I will admit. I doodled a pic of a microscope on the side of the page and labled all the bits. I needed the visual to be able to correctly do the matching on the test.


I did aweful on the bio lab test. I really don’t even want to talk about it, let alone think about it. So I’m not. I am ignoring the first C I’ve gotten on a test ever! I am ignoring the deplorable 76 and focusing on anything else!

Like the fact I have 5 journal article summaries to write, 1 lab report and 1 biology lecture test to study for. This is what my next week looks like. A busy, nasty roller coaster of work.

Anyway, for my 21st birthday we went down the Spunky Eclectic in Lisbon ( and I got a wheel. Now, I hadn’t planned on getting a wheel, I hadn’t thought about getting a wheel. It wasn’t even in my remote dreams. Okay, a a used Ashford Joy double treadle was in my dreams. It was soemthing I was considering and dreaming about. But when I learned that it didn’t have an attachment to spin lace I dumped the ad for a used one and started research.

I ignored the reasearch. I went with what felt good. I spun on ALL of Amy’s double treadle wheels and had a blast. Mum got to drool over yarn, Dad got to ask questions about construction and I got to fall in love with the Fricke double treadle folding wheel and the Bayne’s (or whatever) castle wheel.

I ended up getting the double treadle Fricke (not folding) with an extra bobbin. However the wheel I tried had a woolie winder and I’ve come to realize thats another reason I loved it. So money is being saved and Christmas has been planned. (If I save the money before than I’m hoping I’ll get the woolie winder and they’ll get me a drum carder. hand carding gets old fast). I love my wheel, he’s so nice! And yes, he is a he. I’ve named him Sirius, yes like the dog star and like the characture in J.K.Rowlings Harry Potter. I’ll admit it, I loved that guy! I cried and cried when he died, and got depressed and well…. Moving on.

I also got two packages of white pencil roving mum bought at the Common Ground Fair. Which I have since dyed with pink and purple. I ordered and received several back issues of Spin Off. I also ordered a bunch (severl if mum reads this. Alot if anyone else reads this) of Jacques acid dyes.

I also dyed up some of the border lanchester I washed and mum bought. (IE, locks that are ratehr dirty and still somwhat nasty). I assume you know what a color wheel looks like. Well think of that basic idea and a pot of wool locks. so a circle of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green and than back to the yellow. They blended nicely togetehr. However the dyes didn’t relly penetrade the the botton of the pot. So the locks down there are white with maybe a little yellow and green. (the only colors that penetraded that far)

I also had my psych midterm today and I’m pretty confident about that. I’m thinking hgh B, low A. However knowing me I’ll get another C.

Anyway, its 1:57 am, and its suddenly freezing so I’m off to bed. I have a load of fiber and ayrns to photo graph when I think of it and the sun is out. I also have 2 mroe yarns the finish. Which is really exciting!

Night 😉


Leah says:

I have a sign on my desk that I look at often to remind myself. The sign says:
Give up

Hang in there girl and don’t let em see ya sweat! Keep your head up.

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