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{October 13, 2007}   Unlike Christmas it comes but Once in Life!

21 years ago I was born. So, now I can everything that I couldn’t before. Suddenly all these doors are open to me. Its amazing how life changes with a single day…..


I admit it. I am 21 today. I was born on Columbus Day, the day Columbus discovered America (and thought it was India). I admit it, I loath Columbus. He was a very evil man! And I admit, I feel no different today than I did yesterday.

Life has not opened a million wonderful doors, I do not feel strangly revitalized, nothing tremedously good has come with this day (Okay, some pin drafted white roving and a gingerbread and blueberry cake wit

h whipped cream). What I don’t feel happily is majorly depressed. That’s what I felt last year when I turned 20. Of course, I couldn’t drive yet (it was during the 6 months of “practice” before the drivers exam), I had only started some classes (3) at a local comunity college, I had never been on a date or even kissed a guy. And a slew of other things.

So, see the improvement! Not a majorly depressive episode, I can drive, I’m literally a member (accepted and all) of a college. But, I still haven’t kissed, hugged or dated a guy. Which is rather depressing, so lets focus on something a bit nicer!

Tomarrow we’ll go down to Spunky Ecelctic’s shop and look at fibers and wheels and things. Dad will be bored, Mum will be fascinated and buy too much stuff. And I will get bored before she’s done looking and buying. Than we’ll nip over to Halcyon Yarn ad look at wheels again, maybe get some new dyes, perhaps a bit of fiber, and again. Dad will get really, really bored while Mum and I look at things, than I will get really bored while mum looks over all kinds of patterns and bits.

 Well, I’ve been loading and Loading photo’s, so it doesn’t look liek this will be posted on October the 12th, however it will be my belated b-day post.

So, I still haven’t photo’d all those lovely purchases, however my excuses: Rain, rain and rain (have no light box so I do the by the window trick) so cloudy and nasty, and of course classes and studying, and night. Night always comes at the most inconvinient times. Really, when I finally get ready to photo yarns and fibers it deiceds to turn down the lights and be too dark for nice pics.

So, lets start with Spunky Ecelctic Fiber of the Month Club.

Harvest Haze Roving

Fiber of the Month Lincoln, colorway Harvest Haze

Harvest Haze Singles

And Spun into Spngles, finished and reskeined. Yes, there are threse skeins. I apparently didn’t add enough twist to the single so after finishing it when it can to reskeining it broke, alot. And yes it is taken under artificial light. But hey, is 12:02am so give me a break 😉

Aspen Roving

Aspen-colorway. A 50/50 blend of tencel and superwashed merino. I mus tsay, I loved the slubby singles someone spun and showed on the Spunky Fiber club blog. Made me wished I’d done that, but too late!

Aspen on bobbins

The singles, very, very finely spun. I was trying for lace weight plied, and I may hvae reached that. However I also acheived a major cramp in my hand and a wish to throw things. Yes, this was so annoying that I have since attmpted bulcky and chunky yarns. I defintily prefer lace weight to those. Its just so much eisier for me to spin finer than thicker.

Aspen Skeined

And the singles plied. I set the twister after this pic so be prepared for another pic. And no, it isn’t this yellow, that’s the nasty non-natural light. Its sooooooooo soft and dreamy. I so really love how it turned out, although I wish that I hadn’t rished so much through the second bobbin (spun it thicker than the first single, so had less). And the colors, the warm golds, nice blues and teal bits and such. They remind me of Pat, my art teacher. This skein is definitly going to be turned int oa shawl or something by Mum for Pat’s christmas present.

Seafoam Batt

Seafoam batts I got at the Common Ground Fair. A mix of wool, spilk and glitz. I also got 2 batts (2 ounces each) of a lovely black and grey silk and wool blend. The seafoam was scratchier and my first real attempt to spin a chuckyish single. I got them from this lady:

Seafoam batt side 1

Side one of Seafoam

Seafoam batt side 2

Side 2 of Seafoam

Seafoam on the bobbin

And the singles being spun. It was interesting. The first few yards are much thinner and more even as I spun those before remembering I was spinning it chunkyish. Than I just folded the bat and tried to streach it out a bit (kind of draft it a bit) which really just pulled it into bits. So I spun it as it would. No veiw of the singles skeiend as they had way too much twist and they curled up. I’ve given it a good plugging and rinsing and thwaking. Now its hanging in the shower with a weigh to help block it. This is probubly set to become a small felted bag or soemthing like that.

Santa’s Bag 2

I’m calling this Santa’s Scraps. I’m talking about spinning is my communications class (presentation on soemthing you know) and wanted soemthing different I could show them. So, I pulled a Pluckyfluff and grabbed a bunch of stuff, threw it into a container and just teashed it up. It has hand washed white alpaca (Fryeburg fair. I tried to wash a little. Don’t know how well I did *sigh*) as the base, with green and red firestar (from Spunkey Eclectic, I got it at the Fiber Frolic. note-these are the same materials but different colorways), Icicle (Spunky again), some green and red bits of dyed mohair locks (Fiber Frolic, but don’t remember the venders name), and bits of burgandy tulle I found the cats playing with (Just ripped it into pieces). I just fluffed and teased it up and mixed it around. However this diddn’t work very well as the alpaca sort of felted to itself and teh firestar didn’t want to mix at all. Anyway, I spun this baby up. It defintily was difficulat, a bit fun and very annoying as the orofice was too small for bits of the yarn.

Santa’s Bag 1

And view two. This had a bit too much twist so its also sulking and blocking in the shower at the moment. There isn’t very much here, but it sure is different.

Purple unset play yarn

This is my third bit at chunky yarn and it was another…. Well… hm! Its green firestar and icicle (Spunky) and handfulls of purple felting fiber with a bit of white felting fiber thrown in (From Halcyon Yarn). There is a reason it is for felting. The fibers were very short and course and it was very difficult to spin and difficult to fluff together. (I so want a drum carder!)

Passioned Flowers Mutted

Bamboo Silk from Holly EQQ:

I bought 2 hand dyed bundles (about 4 ounces each) from her. Spuneach as singles and than plied them together. I beleive one was named “Passion Flower” and the other was named “Flower Passion”. I was ratehr disapointed that alot of the color left the roving when I soaked it in warm water to set the twist.

The Passion Flower Roving (“stole” the pic from Holly’s gallery)


Flower Passion bamboo roving from Holly Eqq

See, the colors were soo pretty in the skein before I finished it. And now they’ve all run out. (very sad!) But still, it was a dream to spin! And I think I actually plied something tight enough for a chnge.

Boarder Lanchester Plied

This is the Boarder Lanchester mum got in Wisconsin. We have tried to wash it ourselves. It hasn’t really gotten any cleaner and it has a nasty sticky feel to it. I picked out the cleanest, whitest and least sticy bits. I fluffed it up (liek  I saw people doing at the Common Ground Fair when spinning raw fleece) and spun it like that. I did an andean hand and plied it. (I admit it. I simply got sick of the stickyness and gave up!) If you look at back posts you’ll find a pic of Bruiser sleeping on the drying fleece.

Brown and Cream Alpaca

This is from the alpaca fleece I got at the Common Ground Fair. It was completly raw, I just fluffed it out and picked vegtable matter out as I spun. However the fleece was has been very clean. It was soo soft and nice. Just different to spin. It think it will take some time to get used it it. Again, andean hand for plying. However this time it wasn’t becasue I was sick of the fiber. I just wanted another fiber more than the alpaca.

Mommy and Kitten

Because they are so sweet. Allie, the larger colored cat, and her baby Hazel, the cute little white one, setting together on Dad’s chair. So, so sweet. I love when they curl up together, which is getting to be rare and rarer as Hazel’s getting older, and just Be. So sweet. Hazel is such a warm sungle bug. And Allie just loved licking her to death. Now, they aren’t actually related. But Allie needed and kitten and than we got Hazel, who made us realize Allies need for a kitten (she’s such a good mama cat). Of course Hazel also needed a mama.

Anyway, its 12:55. You’ve kept me up an hour and a half. And this post will appear as if written on the, so its just a bit late.

Night all, rather day all. And of course, Happy Birthday to everyone!

grr, forgot a bit.

Washed Merino Locks

I got this att he Fryeburg Fair from the Irish Ewe. The shop: and the Blog:

The lady was delightful (I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name), and it was wonderful to meet someone who’s the face behind a blog I read.

Dyed Merino locks

I dyed the locks (as you can see). How? Well…. 😉 I dyed them with Jacquece acid dyes (no, I cannot spell or remember the exact name spelling). I filled a large alluminum disposable turkey thing with water and viniger, heated it and added a little blue to give the water soem color. Than I proceded to layer bits of the fleece in th pot while sprinkling emerald green, sapphire blue, violet, a spruce green, and yellow ochre. I kept it near simmering (but not actually) and than let it cool in the pot. Than rinsed the cool fiber and put it out to dry. The colros are so pretty all together. However, I noticed a greeseyness to the fleece when I got home,a nd the dye did not take that away. I’ve been thinking this stickyness as its not really greesy is from whatever soap is used to clean the fiber.

Fluffed Merino

Some of the fiber fluffed up. Yes, it is still sticky and no, I hate spinning it. I’m sure its a very nice fiber. But this stickyness is holding and almsot matting the fiber together and making it difficult to both tease and spin. Plus its making my fibers and hands sticky. Which I ccannot stand!

bobbin’d merino

The Singles on the bobbin. I’ll try my best to keep spinning as the colors are so pretty. And I’m sure that the yarn will be too. ATt this time I’m thinking plied. But that may change as my patience with stickyness changes. Whish me luck!

And of course, because life cannot end with a post and pic of a cat or rather cats:

Snuggly Mommy and Kitten


BriteDay says:

Happy Birthday! Hopefully, you will enjoy 21. It has always seemed the perfect age for women. If one has to geuss an age, 21 works best because, if younger they will be flattered. And, if older, they will be flattered. And, if 21, then you are right!

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