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{October 8, 2007}   A Sense of Direction is Vital for Life!

If you don’t know you should. I have absolutly no sense of direction. I even get right and left confused, alot! I was absoltuly hopeless with R and L before I started to drive. And have only improed slightly since than.

Anyway, Last Saterday I got up bright and early. Drove two hours (with map quest directions) to get to the Fryeburg fair. At which point I could not find any parking spots. So I drove a bit fartehr to find a parking spot that didn’t require vast amounts of money. (aka, free)

I walked a few minutes to get to the fair. Paid my 8 dollars to get in and prompltly got lost trying to find my way to the fiber tent. Now, the only reason I even went to the fair was fro the fiber tent, or rather building.

Everyone else can take the cheap games with crappy prizes, the meaty meals and the stomach turning rides. I had less than 40 dollars on me (all that Dad had given me before they all left for Quabec), 8 of which went to get into the fair. Now, of course the logical bit to do would have been to save the money and take a trip to Halcyon Yarn’s or Spunky Eclectic.

However I am not all that smart and I really do enjoy see, trying and doing new things. So, anyway. It takens me about 4 minutes to get to th other side of teh fair, the side with the fiber building. And with few exeptions I spent the next 2 hours there.

I did stop in to see the goats. Whi are rather ugly. I much prefer fiber goats to milking goats. And I also stopped in to see wagons through the years. And I beleive that they had tw gypsy caravans this year instead of one. Which was very exciting, made me want to be a foot shorter (to fit into the bed) and to travel around alot, alot, alot!

I’ll admit it! I have wander lust. Not too, too much. Just a little. But enough to be very annoying. Now, in the sping I get really aweful wander lust! This last spring I almost took a job in Illanoise. For no real reason other than I wanted to be somewhere else. aine wasn’t all taht bad. I just wanted to see something else.

Anyway. I do have a few pics. Which I know is always nice.

 And I have good nes. I started to spin my Spunky Fiber of the month, Aspen. Or soemthing like taht. It’s two ounces of superwashed merino and tencel. Dyed with blues and golden browns. Now, I’ve split it into 1 ounce groups and than into smaller strips. I’m rather impressed actually. I beleive that it is turning out close to lace weight. Personally I’m sure you could use at least the singles for embrodery or soemthing like that. And no, I cannot spell.


I purchased two of the blue, a merinor ad silk blend I think. The purple was a silk, angora nad merino blend. I f I remember correctly. Adn it was soo yummy, however I really needed a little blue.

Spicy Pink roving

This is about 4 ounces of a 4 way mix I bought at the Commin Ground Fair. I can’t rmmeber the name so I’m calling it spicy Pink. It has lots of pink, some orange and blue and purple. Lots of little nuddly’s in it which made it hard to spin. I beleive there was comlumbian, finn and 2 other sheep types.

Spicy Pink Singles

The singles. I had already started on one bobbn when I realized I was going to ply it. So I weighed 2 bobins and the roving (one bobbin with the singles) and than devided by two. The first singles were very thin and even. By the second bobbin I was frustrated with all the nuddly bits so It was a bit thicker and less even. I’ve plied and skeined t. However I haven’;t finished it yet so no pics of it anymore.

Blue heaven

I did fall in love with this. A merino and silk blend. However when I came back to purchase it someone had beaten me to heaven. There was agreen still there which I had planned on getting. (they matched perfectly) however without the blue who cared.

I did purchase a bag of washed merino locks which I dyed last night from the Irish Ewe. I also purchased a pund and a half of white alpaca raw blanket fleece. (It was love at first sight!) and 3 and some odd pounds of a raw brown romney. The fibers seporate easily, and there’s very little nasty bits. I washed a good bit last night. Only 2 soap washes, a viniger rinse and 2 more rinses for clean. I can’t wait to try spinning it. (and  I used my check book for the raw fleeces)

I also got a bag of maple sugar cotton candy. It looked like a cloud of carmel merino. However sadly there are not real pics. There are two. But you can’t acually see anything in tthem.

The camera has batteries and is swiftly snapping away. However today is cold and overcast. And wordpress takes a long time to upload the pics so it might be a bit.

I’m so excited. I have so much fiber to play with. And so much stress from school! Eeep!

Have fun!



thewoolleyfarm says:

Love love love the pink yarn with the blue bits in it. It’s awesome. What will you make with it?
Deb (The Irish Ewe lady)

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