Life, Fiber, Books and All

{October 6, 2007}   …………………………

If I ran  the universe I would not be driven out of bed at midnight because some drunken idiots are having a shouting party!

 All homes would be equiped with sound proof invisible and imaterial barrior. You wouldn’t see, feel, hear or anything them. But they would keep the drunk yell of naighbors both out of your ears, and in there property.

Poeple would not get drunk, yell, blare there “music” and have rock partys in teh middle of the night, or ever for that matter. People would be relatively quiet. Especially the ones who live near me!

Only people with equal amounts (and large doses) of common sense and logic would be allowed to design roads, driveways and building layouts. They would NOT randomly put a stop sign on a road (I kid you not). They would not make the roads so narrow that I’m always afraid of hitting the other car. Now. this is soemthing. Because I drive a small cute little car, and I drive towards the edge of teh road. Hell! I even drive on the edge of the road soemthing (rarly on purpose). Impossibly narrow roads would not have very sharp twists and turns ending in an impossible to see or stop for stop sign (not the one I was ranting about before).

They would not design a road to curve impossibly far away from a sensible route. They would not make a million and a dozen parking spaces while conveniently forgetting to leave space for the cars to actually DRIVE!!!!!

If I ran the universe I would not constantly be afraid of a- hitting someone as I drive past or b-have a car decide to pull out into me as I pass.

There would be parking in sensible places!

Backs would never hurt! And people would never be woken up at 2am because of back pain only to star barfing.

People would not have to go take long (1:30 hours) tests if they keep having to swallow bits of vomit that repeatedly attempt to escape!

Teachers would actually know what they were teaching, and people would be able to make up a lad after the lab instead of before it (after the test I had lab. And had to go because you can’t make it up).

After a test students would be free to go. Not made to wait around for another half an hour (so, most people took 2 hours to take the test. That means another half an hour of tourment for me) so the professor could lecture about nothing. Which is a bit surprising since Biology lectrue is the only class where I learn anything.

If I ran the universe cats would snuggle up and snooze with you. However they would not take up 3/4th’s of the bed. (One little kitten taking up all that space!)

 You will be happy to know I survived the test. And I did not cheat! I admit it, I was tempted. I even wrote some bits of info on my arm (cold class rooms so I wear long sleeves on thursday). However I felt so aweful (not from the puking binges) and so mean that I spit scrubbed them off on the way top school. And of course didn’t cheat at all.

However I am somewhat pissed that I didn’t meorize enough of the atomic and chemical formulas and bits. I just didn’t seam to study any of the bits she tested. So I don’t tghink I did as well. And stragly enough I actually studied for this test. Yes, I “study” for all tests. But it isn’t much of anything.

So. Life is a bugger and I’m ready to screw the neighborhood (adn not in a sexual way).

Tomarrow I’ll drive a few hours to te fryeburg fair and spend money on fiber and such. Than drive a few hours back, spin, study and start the aweful papers I need to write and have been putting off doing.

 Hopefully I will rememebr to stop and get barreries so there might even be pics instead of rants!

 Wish me, and yourself luck!


Good luck and more. Fiber always makes everything better 🙂

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