Life, Fiber, Books and All

{September 29, 2007}   Procrastination!

This is soemthing I am infinitly qualified to do, unfortunatly. I am so good at this. One of the reasons I took up blogging, an excuse to do something else. Also the main reason I started to play Eternal Lands. Much easier to play this and study than the Sims 2.

 And guess what! I’m procrastination! However it has been semi useful. I have managed to catch up on all the blogs I read. I have uploaded all the pics from the camera onto the computer, and labeled them all. So no trying to remmeber if the pic is ds1256 or whatever the number is.

So. I haven’t photo’d my purchases from the fair. And I of course rememebred the camera, and forgot the take photo’s with it at the fair. so. Here are some of the photo’s I DID manage. 😉

Common Ground Fair bag pile

My Haul. Cumbersome, a bit heavy and expensive. But satisfying!

spinning her angora rabbit

A lady spinning her angora rabbit. Simply fascinating to see. She just sort of “plucked” the loose fibers off the rabbit and once and had a handful she spun it.


A goat. Not fiber, but a dairy goat.


Aren’t they so cute! I just love goats! Now if Only I’d remembered to take a pic or ten of the fiber goats.

Passion flower bamboo singles

A bad pic of the bamboo singles I’ve spun. They are each made from about 4oz of bamboo roving I bought from Holly EQQ in a fit of depression. (bad because I said I WOULDN’T buy any more fiber until I’d used 3/4ths of mine up. with the exception of teh common ground fair) One is called passion flower and the other is flower passion. Probubly the same dye batch. Same colors defintily. I have plied them and set the twist. however I haven’t gotten around to reskeining it yet. It wasn’t dry when I was on my reskeining mode so who knows when it will get done.

Mum’s gone for the weekened to knit. I’m home with the dog and cats! (cats good!) And loads of nasty stress (thus the procrastination). Two tests this next week (big tests). One in biology (the big worrier. Lots of memorization) and another in Intro to Criminal Justic. this second one would appear to be easy. Howver all the teacher ever does is talk about how he’s a drunk who doesn’t drink, how he’s a racist, and how he hires prostetutes all the time. However he doesn’t “do” anything with them so its okay. We’ve had homework to read the first 3 chapters, thats what the test will be on apparenrtly. But he hasn’t taught anything yet. I LOVE to take notes. I take copious amounts. When my German teacher from high school saw my notes he was floored. I write EVERYTHING that might even remotly be of some use. And I was so ready for this class. I thought I’d be taking loads of notes. I got the 1 and a half inch three ring binder. filled it half full of paper. I have YET to take ANY notes. And I asked the teacher point blank to tell us some mroe about the test. what to expect, what to study, what’s important to know. He wouldn’t answer. Just kept going on and on about being a racists and a whatever you call someone who hires prostetutes. No idea.

Anyway. Its 11:57 the dog has gone out. I have managed to spin up a bobbin of singles and use the andean hand to ply them. I have done everything else I meantioned above. And I have managed NOT to reread any of the criminal Justic book (which is really dull and stupid!). I’m off to bed, with the book for good measure, and the hope that tommarrow I will finish rewashing the locks mum washed (they’re too sticky to spin!) and that I will study and know the criminal justic, I’ll get around to reading communications and that I will study msot of the biology. That way I can finish studying bio on sunday, reveiw the crinimal justice and read the psych. And I still need to start my papers for psych and criminal justice. And…………..

Anyway, night!


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