Life, Fiber, Books and All

{September 22, 2007}   Finally!

Some pics. Actually mostly pics. The ones I’ve been promising you. I took tehm several days ago but have finally gotten around to dumping them onto the computer. Its the common ground fair and I hope to take some lovely pics of goats and cute things and all the fiber I drool over and cannot get, or won’t get.

The Dogwood from Spunky Eclectic in a wool blend.

Spunky’s fiber on the month for September. Called Harvest Haze in Lincoln.

Spun into singles and finished. However I haven’t yet reskeined it. My hands itch and hurt so much after handeling this that I’ve been putting that task aside.

A not so great pic of my first try at novelty yarn. Hopefully I’ll remember to let it loose and take a pic. I’m pleased with the way it looks. So it should make something rather nice!

Here’s a strand of the Blue-faced Lanchester I hand dyed and spun. The plying worked very well and the yarn still felt like butter! Around 1000 meters. Thsi went to te daughtor of a friend of my Mums. So hopefully she’ll love it! Meant to take a pic of it skeiend but this was a rush job and all I really managed to do was steal a bit for my yarn and fiber book.

And here is the yarn from my first hackleing project. Shetland hand dyed and than over-dyed hackled with some soysilk and some green and blue firestar. Its surpsisingly soft and lush. I haven’t named it yet. But really love it. It turned out remarkably in color and thickness as the BFL. Mum couldn’t tell the difference until I pointed them out to her. (while they were drying from there finishing)

I got Romney locks from Holly EQQ. I flicked them, and than used the hackle to create roving. It spun into a lovely thin and slightly wirey single. At first I was going to ply it with the otehr stuff I hackled, not the green but the plain bit from the novelty. These have lots of elasticity in them and have some slight color differences. Which actually shwo up relly well in the pic. These were alot of wrok. But wonderfully fun!

 Above and below are the polypay that I bought as raw locks, scoured and hand dyed and than hand carded. I sort of carded them into a color line aka, a straightened out colow wheel) so there was a rolog of brighter green yellow, than one of a green, than a blue green, than  a blue…. until the last one which was rather a yellowy green with red bits. I devided the rologs in half. And spun them in the same sequence on two bobins. Than plied them together. So tehre’s some slight color veriation and it blends itself very well. I really loved spinning this and can’t wait to do so again! However, again it was alot of work for very little yarn. But again, this was more of a sample/experiement than a project for a skein of yarn.

I hope you can see where the colors shift. They create sort of blocks of color.

Sorry if the pics aren’t great. I tried taking them outside on a sunnyand windy day and taking pics of them on white paper. However not all of them got outside (mostly because they’dalready been spun). The colors seem really true to me. But hey, whatever!

Night all. Happy and funz!


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