Life, Fiber, Books and All

{September 8, 2007}   My first day…….

Well. I must admit I haven’t actually gotten around to the photo’s still. Although I am very hopeful for soemtime this weekened.

Today the whole family, minus the cats, tripped to Portland so that we could buy a ton of break. I think 16-18 loves total. The reason’s for this are several. First off I am vegitarian, and a freak about it. No honey, process sugar, eggs, cheese (I do have some cheese, but it must say vegitarian rennet), shelfish, or anthing like that can even be processed in the same faculty. Now, no places around where I live sell bread like that, and its a pain to make. But one store in Portland sells the bread which I DO eat. And of course it just happens to be going out of business. So we bought loads and I have stuffed the freezer.

 Anyway, thursday was my first day of classes. And I woke up all excited and everything (former post). However I should have known soemthing was up when I hit (not physically) a millitary convy on the freeway. And I swear they were not going more than 45mph. I quickly passed them, just like everyone else was, and got to school early.

The biology lecture is held ina  large, large room with literally steps full of desks. The whole room could hold 100 peope very easiley. And there are probubly 50-75 desks. Most of the desks are very small. With the chair and desk attached. sort of a wrap around desk. There is no passageway between the desks so you have to fight your way through. And the desks are incredibly uncomfortable! I sat in one for maybe 2 minutes and had to move. I “stole” one of the desks with the wheely chairs and softness. Basically a computer chair. These accourding to the little yellow note on the desk are for people with back problems and they can be reserved. And since if I sit in the other chairs I WILL have back problems I feel perfectly justified in sitting there. Plus the desk is much bigger. (hello, I spread out ALOT!) And I will plan on getting there early.

This class was semi interesting. Apparently the teacher uses powerpoint for her lectures. Which is kind of nice. You can see what she’s saying and she can illustrate with little pics. However her powerpoints are really, really long. Case in point, she has her powerpoints on a site so we can print thema nd follow along, write notes as she’s lecturing. I am printing her second lecture with 2 slides per page, 21 pages printed. And this is about 1/4th the size of the first power point and looks about half the size of chapter 3.

Anyway, other than the freaky revelation that there  ARE sharks off maine. And that she and her husband like tohunt, tag and release sharks. While occasionally keeping 1 to eat. The class was alright.

There were a million people in the class, almost all women (one man). It goes from too hot to too cold and back again. And well, there’s alot more wrong with the room. But by far, this was the supperior class.

Upstairs to the bio lab and a room that looks like its straight out of the 40’s, and a very crappy and beaten lab it is. There are the standard black tables, gouged out and stained. These aweful chairs, that swivle. So you’d think they were good. But NO! They’re the worst bit! Its like the stuffing from the chair has been sucked out and only a little cardboar has been left. The old compressed greasy kind. These chairs are EVIL! I think my butt is sueing me for retribution! My tailbone still hurts!

The teacher, well I can see why my professor from the lecture didn’t talk about her. She belongs with the lab. She spent most of the time explaining the rules. These were common sense rules. In case of a fire or other danger forcing evacuation do not jump out of the windows. Which are on the second floor, have bullet proof or equally thick glass and do NOT even have any way to open them. And this was no joke, she was very serious. And STUPID!

She explained how to make a phone call, how to exit the room, where all the exits where, how to turn on the faucet, how to pull a chain so you could take a shower in the middle of the class (incase of a chemical spill). We will not even be working with chemicals. How we can’t drink, eat or most importantly SMOKE in the lab room. Now of course, you can’t smoke in any of the buildings. So why she felt the nessecity to tell us this. AND signs which are at least 50 years old (I joke not) felt the need to tell us this I know not. But they all did.

After she had finished this she proceded to teach us first how to read and than draw a lien graph. And not a linear line graph, because that’s too complicated, but a regular old line graph. But because this wasn’t enough she drew a very rough line graph on teh board. Now, we have a lien graph in our lab booklet, it was totally different from the one she had drawn (although she had clearly drawn that graph and was using those bits of info). So when she started to “quiz” us on reading the graph we all looked at our personl graphs in the booklet. So when we told her the answer (which was correct.) She started ranting about how we had read it all wrong and all kinds of crap because the correct answer wasn’t consistent with her graph on the board. So, we spent about 45 minutes learning to do line graphs.

Before I forgit. The room is filthy! There are three sinks. One which is only for hand washing. The other two which are clearly coverred and burried under junk. And there is 1 lonely microscope. This is not even a good microscope. This is crap. The kind you could probubly get for $12.

Now this building had been so old and dirty that I literally drove to Barns and Nobles to “visit the lady’s room”

Than came back and fooled around for a bit before finally going to the Psych room. This has about 40 desks crowded int oa space meant for maybe, just maybe 25. And ALL the desks were filled by the end. There were cracks and holes in the ceiling, plus very strange and dirty microphones. Everything is a grey flannel color. And everything is fabric. Except the desks, chairs and ceiling. There’s a large green curtain behind where the teacher can be. Basically a disgusting room again. But a very crowded disgusting room!

And than there was the teacher. He was going bald, and had his head shaved. Exept for the balding mowhawk int he middle. And he had a moustache with the bits that grow in a straight line down from the edge of the mustache. (Some pro-wreastler has it but no idea whom) He’s very short and petit. And his sports coat is about 2 sizes too big for him. He also has one of those small microphones and he clips it onto his tie. He acts like he has an engaging personality. And talks and acts like the info is interesting. But it was all very, very dull.

I spun the lincoln I got from Spunky Eclectic for fiber of the month. And spent most of the last class shewing my thumb attentping to get the slivers of licoln out. Such an itchy wool! I will never spin it again!

So, an aweful day! I ended up coming home and eating spagetti with mexican cheese (cheeder and other cheeses with spices) and playing EL way too early into the morning.

Which brings me to my next rant. I seem to be playing too much of it. Anyway I think tha tI am. However I hate not playing because than I miss things. I keep wanting to say “rofl” as if it was a word. now rofl stands for rolling on the floor laughing. And I keep thinking of myself as Guin. Which is the nickname I have on the game.This has me slightly worried. Which makes me want to not play even more! And I am rather stressed on the game. By some of the people.

The last time I spoke about Darkflower it was to complain. Well now, she’s a great freind. I have no idea what changed but something did. And I really like her. We have great fun together!

However there has been some problems with ehr within the guild. (BoC) and this has caused hostility and some people to leave an dothers to be kicked from the guild. First there was Lam and Golem. Whom well….. Lam was alot like me. So I kind of understood why she acted how she acted. She reminds me a hell lot of myself. Which was soo painful. To see myself in sucha close light, and not myself today. But the self I used to be, and the one I could fall into again.

Anyway Lam decided that Dark was flirting with Golem ()Golem and her are married in real life) and that Golem might leave her for Dark. (At the same time Dark is married to another player in BoC. Deathfrombelow or whatever) So in frustration Dark left boc. However I (think it was me) managed to talk and beg her back in. By this time I’d decidedDar kwas a good persona dn shouldn’t leave. However we still hadn’t gotten that close, close freindship. (I think) Anyway Golem and Lam left boc so they could maintain there marriage.

Than at this same time there were alot of jerks (my opinion) who had joined BoC. Now they seemed to hit it off with Dark (my opinion). They tossed banter between each other and chatted and stuff. Well, I’m not sure about the storry because I wasn’t on at the time. But two of the jerks were kicked. Persoanlly I thought they should have been kicked long ago. But than I didn’t like them. Now apparently they had told Trogov (the guild leader) that they had left because of Dark (this I only just found out).

And next came roster. He was a jerk and a coaky idiot. Now in EL you gain experience by doing different things and once you’ve gained enough experience you gain a level in a skill. Now my stats (levels) are varried and different. But mine are defintily higher than his. (I checked) So he’d go on and n about killing creatures that I wouldn’t haev been able to kill. (Obvious lie) Asking for free stuff and being a general jerk. Making fun (hurtful not joking) of fellow guildies. Now I put him on ignore several times. But Dark tried repeatedly to make freinds with him. The two times I tried he because hurtsful and verbally abusive to me. I stopped trying to make freinds. He appeared to think he was the center of the universe, or at he very least EL. And that we should all do exactly as he said, drop everything to help or do soemthing for him and the list just goes onward! When he started to become verbally abusive in guild chat (everyone in the guild could  talk on it and listen to it) I tried to talk to him about it. Or at elast get him to stop. No. Eventually Dar khad enough and posted conversations they’d had. I had the power to kick him and felt like I should. But wasn’t comfortable doing so. SO I consulted with Trogov. He basically said that it didn’t matter because the conversation had taken place privatly instead of in the guild chat. Later when Tro gave Roster a warning roster asked to be kicked from the guild. He said it was because of Dark. (Now tehre are two ways to leave a guild. One way is by choocing to leave it. However you cannot join another guild for several days afterwards. The other way is to be kicked from the guild. If you are kicked you can join another guild immedeatly)

Now Tro thinks that Dark is trouble and costing the guild members. I reasured him about roster, meationed that he had been verbally abusive to me and others as well. So he felt better about that. Now the whole Lam, Golem, Dark thing was a bit of a fluke. Just bad luck so I tend not to think about it. I think everyone handled it poorly. But that mainly it was about Lam’s insecurities. And that we could not bend over backwards as a guidl to accomidate her. The other two poeple, well I didn’t fell I knew enough to bring up that they had been kicked. So now I have a bit of a worry about Dark.

Tro, he’s the nicest person. He beleives in the good of people. And tends to ignore the bad. He also thinks people change and all that jazz. Basically he his one of the nicests, most gentle, kindest person I have met. He is not mean, malicious, spitful, hateful or egotistical. He’s not any of the aweful things. So I don’t think he’s the perfect person for a guild master or owner or leader. You need a balance of the two plus you need to be rather cynical.

Now onto Dark. I don’ty want her to leave the guild OR the game because I have fun with her. She’s a very interesting, engaging person. At the same time she’s nice and kind. (however she does have a thing for “raping” creatures. To her the raping is killing them (hunting) and when they kill her (or come close) they “rape” her. This bothers me alot as I think of rape as one of the worst things one person can do to another. I also beleive that it should not be trivialized. Thus the whole “rape” things seems wrong.)

Dark is loud, obnoxious and truthful. She tends not to hold things back. Which can and does get her into trouble. However I do believe that she does have a good nature! Now than. Talking and chatting I’ve discovered we’ve bonded and we’re friends, I like her. And honestly, I have very few friends. So ANY kind counts greatly! We are alot alike, so that creates anothe bond.

And because we are friends and she’s talked about herself. And well, I’m a  bit worried about her. I don’t think she’s in teh best situtaion. If she plays EL I can at least keep track of her and know if she’s msotly okay. If she leaves EL than not only will I have lost a good friend but well, I’ll worry. I HATE anything bad to happen to people. And unfortuantly I ALWAYS seem to try and fix or help. She sems very issolated in her life. I don’t want her to lose ANY possible help she may need in the future.

I know how hard it is to be alone. I don’t want anyone to be the way I was!

Plus of course I’m very selfish and don’t want to lose one of my only friends.

So, BoC as a whole has become rather stressful. I dislike some of the poeple, and like others. Which I suppose is normal. But the people I dislike are all so rude, crude and violent that I have a special hatered reserved for them alone. Sometimes I really want to leave the guild. Get away from these aweful people. But there are the nice people. However they don’t exactly cancel the jerks out.

Krones and Dark are what makes BoC not only bearable, but fun. Even three weeks about I’d never have even considered leaving the guild. Now sometimes I’m very tempted to leave!

Sigh! Thanks all for listening to my rant. I needed to get the EL part out there. Otherwise it would just keep bouncing around inside my head. And there really needed to be an outlet.

Don’t worry, soon well haev spinning again!


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