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{September 5, 2007}   College, Tar, and of course a Table eating Dog! Part 2

So, in part one I  celebrated my acceptance into College. What I didn’r share was how surprised I was by people’s reaction on EL. People in Brazil and Spain and other places knew about University and Maine. And said what a great school it is! Which is very surprising to me. I’ve neevr thought of any Maine shcool as being particularly great. Especially the State schools. But than I’ve always harbored one of those dillusional wishes to be able to say I attended Harvard or Princeton or Yale or Brown or Berkley. Really any school which has sucha name and reputation you don’t know anything about the school and you still want to go.

So, I had a pic of my letter but it didn’t come out well so we’ll leave the place with this inetresting line (rolls eyes) and move onto the next subject.


Yes, you heard me Tar. The road or country or town finally got around to paving the road. Which is ratehr nice. However. I had no idea teh ywere even doing this until…. Yes, I drove on half the road. The half with the new tar. If this isn’t enough of a surprise the car still smells like skunk (as Dad hit a dead one while driving it) and I get to sit there for 10 minutes while no one goes by.

Okay, so I’m gone for a few hours and I come back to find that the road still isn’t done. Which shouldn’t be a surprise. However half had been done when I left so I’m pretty sure its reasonale to assume that the other half would be done when I returned. And it seemed like it was done….. At first. There was no one around. And the “caution, Work Area Ahead” sign was still up. As I assume it will be for weeks.

So I drive really slow, at the very most 5 mph. And I come up on two construction workers talking and carrying crap. So I slow down a little more but keep going. And once I’m a foot past him the guy closest to me drops his crap and holds up the “STOP” sign. So I screach to a stop and now have a perminent little spot on the road. A very nice imprint from my tires. In a million years it will be a fo-fossil. Anway, than the guy is all pissy and all waving his arms for me to back up. Like its MY fault that I not only couldn’t read his mind, but that I was bothering him by making HIM do HIS job.

Than I sit there for the requisit 20 minutes (no joke) while a  car DOESN’T go by. And finally I get to drive, with clear hand waves to stay on the new tar, the other side still hasn’t been tared, or even started. I drive and drive all slow and than have to ASK permission to be able to go into OUR own driveway! So, very pissed about that and the idiots. But anyway.

Onto the Table Eating Dog.


Obviously the above is not a pic of the soon to be desribed incident. However it is a pic of Sally. The dog staring in the story.

So. I am a vegitarian. And now jus ta normal vegitarian, a freaky veg. And I love spicy foods, beans and burrito’s. (Among a ton of other things) And because burrito’s are soooo easy to just reheat and eat I makea load at a time and freeze them. Cooking them whenever I’m hungry and eating them. This is very, very convenient and so yummy.

Well with classes starting this Thursday (for me) I thought I’d make another load and freeze them. For eating ease during school. So Sunday was the day. I got up semi early (before noon) and got all the ingredience together and set up the card table and popped in a dvd. So, all went well. I’d cooked the spanish rice the day before (but not actually made the burrito’s). So I hapliy chopped all the garlic and put it onto a plate and than moved onto the cheese. 2 nice big blocks, one of extra sharp chedder and the other jalepanio jack cheese. I opened one of the cans of beans and had them draining over a pan.

And I made a mistake. I stepped away from the food for maybe, maybe a minute in total. I coem back tto find Sally, the dog, ontop of the table (read not with her front paws on the table but her whole body ONTOP of the table) eating everything. There was a little bit of cheese, about half the garlic and most of the beans.

And because I was trying to be smart I didn’t get any extra food. Just enough to make the burrito’s. So ever, absoltuly everything got tossed. I did end up going back into town and getting the stuff, again. But I ran out of tortilla’s and the burrito mix just wasn’t any good. So the day was an aweful bust! Now, its a slightly amusing story. But than. Well she’s very lucky I didn’t make her into burrito’s.

Anyway I forgave her on Monday. So today, technically yesterday now, she woke me up too early by barking at the top of her lungs (soemthing I’ve never seen or heard her do) and ramming herself into the screen on the window in an attempt to get at some dumb squirrel or bird on the pourch. She came that “” close to becoeming dog meat. The only thing stopping me, the pain she’d caused in my head. (me, I get very bad migraines. Me HATE nosie!)

Onto soemthing prettier and hopefully mroe inetresting. I’ve gotten a load of spinning done. And a bushel of skeins set.

 However turns out I haven’t photo’d most of them. So look forward to a pretty new post soon!


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