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{September 3, 2007}   College, Tar, and of course a Table eating Dog!

So, I have officially gotten that pretty little slip of paper that says “Congratz, you have been accepted….” And boy was it exciting! And a bit nearve raking. I’ve always heard that thick envelopes were good, and this was a very thin envelope. Now I had already talked to the admission people and knew that I’d been accepted. But fro a second tehre I was worried.

Now, on the blig front. I have been incredibly lax. My excuse, I’ve taken up EL again. It’s a rather fun online game. But I was bored. So I’d pretty much left the game in favor of spinning. And vollunteering. But when I realized I had two weeks before school officially started I called up and told them I was very sorry but I wouldn’t be able to vollunteer anymore. I’d drop off the vollunteer shirt when I had time (and remember to. Which I will…. eventually) and after school had been going for a bit and I was settled I’d give them a call to set up mroe vollunteering or nix the whole thing. But really, all the sick people were really starting to bug me. So I’ll end up not going back in the end. Perhaps rude and mean. But hello I like my relative sanity. Sick people mess with that. I know when I’m sick I mess with my sanity.

Well, I’ve finished alot of spinning and a little dying. However I still haven’t managed to find the small ratio bobbin. So I still can’t do my lovely three ply or bamboo, merino and superwashed merino. Which is dying to be spun. So much so that the hackle is considering lending its services.

And of course its midnight and I’m tired, but won’t be able to sleep. So I’ll try and finish this post, or add another. And of course upload pretty pics.

But before I leave, some perfect cats! Sweet sweet Bruiser and her cuteness Hazel. This si a great pic to see her two colored eyes!


Bruiser, sweet sweet Bruiser



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