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{August 21, 2007}   Cold!

Okay, normally in the winter, fall, spring and sometimes even summer I sleep with 2, count them two, down comforters. But of course since summer is the warmest season I also try and have them cleaned now. So, one has sat around the home waiting to be taken to the laundramat while the other has attempted to keep me warm. The past few nights, bad luck! So, so very cold! Although I’ve had two very nice warmers (aka Bruiser and Hazel!)


So, I’ve been doing a little spinning. And alot of hackling! I just love my hackle. Although the points are a bit weird! It’s liek someones hammered the tips so that they catch . Oh, and I used my tiny little hand combs today and totally pricked myself a million times. And bleed 4 times. Finger tips are very painful!

I spun the Dogwood from Spunky Eclectic (a random and mysterious wool mix). I really didn’t care for it. The colors aren’t me at all! (brown!) And the wool was rougher than I like, and the staple length was rather short. I really love long soft strands! However the roving was very spongy!


I set the twist today and its on the line drying. Is it just me or does the Spunky dyed roving bleed alot when you go to set the twist? Because both this and the Celebration shetland that I spun and set had like black water!

The yarn is a two ply. I tried to get the bobbins fairly even but failed hopelessly. So I ended up using the andean plying technic. A weird wrapping so that you can ply from both ends of the yarn. I also tried to spin fairly thickly. And I’m also happy with the plying. Nice and tight!

picture-040.jpg picture-045.jpg


I also flicked some locks I got from Holly EQQ and than hused my hackle to create roving. I got about 2oz of roving from the 4oz of locks. I could have gotten more but was fed up and wanted to spin at the end! I think it might be romeny. But I’m not sure and don’t want to look it up.

deep-purple-2.jpg picture-055.jpg

Again it was rougher than I like. But the locks were so long and so crimpy. I spun it fairly thickly. I also used the hackle to create a blend that has the same colorings. But I didn’t think I had enough to ply so the single stayed a  single. Which I also set the twist of today. And boy did it ever need it. So very very curly! Loads of body, actually alot like my hair! 😉

picture-071.jpg picture-077.jpg


On to different news. I’ve been accepted at Augusta although I’m still waiting for the letter. I signed up for classes, Intro to Biology plus the lab, Intro to Psycology, Communication in groups, and Intro to Criminal Law. I’m thinking of begging to get into another law class, its online. So far looks like I’ll be going to Augusta on Monday and Thursdays. Which is kind of nice. But makes me feel lazy. So I think I’ll try and add an online class. Of course over $375 went into buying books already. And they’re so heavy!

I also decided with two weeks before school starts (September 4th) I can use all the down time I can get. So I called and told the people at the hospital that I won’t be able to keep vollunteering. But after I’m settled into the semester I’ll call and try and set up more vollunteering if I feel I acn. Which looks very true now.

But honestly. The whole sick people was starting to bother me. Well not the sick people so much as the dirty. I know, hospitals are very clean and steril. But I did some of taht cleaning, and it didn’t feel very clean to me. Yes, I am a frek. Thanks so much!

On the Eternal Lands front I’m ahving a great time. However we always do these guild projects. They make the guild and the praticipants good money. However I’ve been in the guild for a while and I’m bored. We always do the same projects. Of course I don’t really know enough to suggest a good project that we can work on.

And Darkflower a newer member of the guild is having some problems. And I definitly don’t like taht! Dark is, well she’s Dark. And I lurv her just the way she is. Although she can be crude, rude and obscene she’s also her. And I hate that there are problems!

Hopefully next time I’ll have a pic of the hackle and all. But I still haven’t remembered to. Or I have and its been night so bad pic!.

Anyway, have fun. I know I am!


Holly says:

Congrats! The kitties are adorable and I love the yarns, particularly the deep purple one!
Hope you get into Augusta.
Holler if I can offer any help.

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