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{August 16, 2007}   At Work…

Well, in anticipation of a long day, or rather a dull period I uploaded pics I took yesterday. So I cna write the post while I’m here and be semi productive. Anyway, its write a post or else knit. I plan on doing both. Plus restocking the snackbar and m,akeing sure there are enough johnies. (Johnies are those little hospital gowns people wear. They’re famous for not having backs, however all these johnies have backs. Or at least covered bottoms.

I’ve receieved an acceptance letter from Orono (University of Maine Orono) and know I will be getting one from Augusta. I stopped by and set up an appointment to talk to someone and pick my classes. My application file was on top of the pile and the people I talked to said that tehre was no problem. The only reason I hadn’t gotten the letter yet is tehy haven’t sent it yet. I was honestly rather surprised when they started talking about this stright A student and how it was a shoo-in. Than 5 minutes later I realized taht they had been talking about me. (Talk about slow!) Anyway, Friday I’ll go in early and pick my classes. Talk about possibel majors and all that. Very exciting! Of course tahn I’ll also be on my feet for 3 hours helping in Medical Oncology. Basically where people have there chemo, blood or other drips.

Okay, chemo is vast and nasty chemicals that people have dripped into their system. Like a patient getting blood during an operation. Radeation, where I am nowm has large machines which look a bit like CAT scans and the like without the dounut shapped bit. You literally have radiation or radioative treatment to try and stop and kill the cancer cells. Very interesting! And very sad! I really wish that there was no need for thisi nformation.

Anyway, I’ve set the twist in a bunch of yarns and reskeined them. They have been thouroughly scalded, thump, thwaked and stamped on.

Dandylion with coin set

Fo-Dandylion with a coin. THis is the superwashed merino I handpainted in an attempt to get the dandylion from Spunky’s fiber of the month. I was trying for a sock weight two ply. It’s two ply,a nd the twist is fairly even. I don[‘t think that it will pill too, too much. However it does go thick and thin. The thick is soft and light while the thin isoutstanding. I love the thin bits! There’s 700+ meters. At least on the big skein. The smaller one is just 50 or so meters. But I do love how the navajo ply looks! I just lvoe that bit!


This is the Goldfinch in mystery fiber. Handpainted by myster. Here I just tried for consistency and fun! Mum has been kidnapped by the sun and has fallen in love with this yarn and claimed it as her own. (I almost didn’t get to set the twist she loves it so much!) It has been marked to become socks. I’m really proud of it! Its navajo plied and fairly tight! It’s got tons of crimp and elasticity! Even I who really didn’t care for the colors like it. It’s very cheery!

And I must celebrate! I found a lost pacient! She wasn’t on the que but she was having simulation (CAT scan)! I feel very proud of myself!

Gypsy Caravan with Coin

And to celebrate I have Spunky’s fiber of the month Celebration. I’ve named it Gypsy Caravan as thats what the colors remind me of. It’s 4oz of shetland. It’s fairly even and has loads of crimp and elasticity! I’ll try and  get a better pic later. I navajo plied it and am ratehr proud of how it turned out. Fairly even. Probubly sock yarn. All in all I’m rather disapointed. I wasn’t crazy about the colors to start, and they still really aren’t doing anything for me.

Green Sparkles set

Sparkly green, hand-dyed and plied with occasional bits of green firestar. Very sparkly! And as always with the little bit leftover on one bobbin, navajo plied.


And of course with the coin for perspective. The wool was very crinkly and so soft! It got worse when I handpainted it and  the predrafting didn’t really help. It still had loads of nubbys and things. It’s fairly itchy but so, so pretty, sparkly and shiny! Unnamed as of yet! Just waiting for inspirtation. But hello! Talk about pretty!


Here’s my ball of roving I made from my DIY hair pick hackle. It has red firestar (actually red, yellow, orange and purple) and white soysilk and some mystery scrap roving dyed with fruit punch kool-aid. So this is the single being spun with the ball of roving plopped on so you can see both. Just fun spining. I wanted to see what my hackled roving looked like spun.


Its all fairly even and thin. But has these cool bits with mostly the firestar or the soy silk. As you can see its rather cool looking!


Najavo plied because tehre was only a little bit of the singles. I haven’t had a chance to set the twist yet. And there is hardly any. Bit I just love it! So pretty! So elegantish! Can yet tell I’m in love?

Okay, those are what I have done. Still looking for the missing bobbin so I can do my three ply with bamboo. I have the larger bobbins spining some wool I got from Spunky Ecelctic. It’s ugly, I totally stepped out of my colorways! But its very, very squishy!

Anyway. Onto knitting and checking people in, so fun, bye! 😉


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