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{August 12, 2007}   Much too early to live!

So, I have done a very stupid thing, and am now procrastingating with dealing with it (thus the actual post, this is such an enabler!)! I have agreed to help Tuesday and Thursday’s in the Cancer Center in Agusta. This is not the bad bit, I’m already doing Friday. But the two T’s happen to be from 8am to 12 not 12 to 4pm (Friday). So, that means I have to leave by 7am, so I have to get up by 5am something so I’ll actually be up ready and semi awake before I leave! Very, very bad idea!

So, last semester the way I chose my classes were 1) do I actually want to take this class, will it help me in the future? 2) What time do I have to wake up for this class? 3) Is the class actually avalible. Notice #3 is the number with the practiucality in it.

So yes, I am lazy, I like to sleep late and I reall, really, really HATE waking up early. I don’t do well early. I do much better late at night.

And since its voluteering I have no real reason to do it, no motivation behind my actions. (Read I’m volunteering becasue at an animal shelter I’d kepp every animal and because It’s the only time they have availible!)School will help in the long run, work would give me money, vollunteering is supposed to give me a big warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy, however all it does is make me want to take a really hot shower to get clean. (Is it just me or do hospitals have this weird unclean feeling)

*Read each Friday when I wipe a chair down after a patient leaves (This will be the 5th Friday) these brand new black chairs have more and more things that aren’t coming off. They have little bits gouged out and other things that are stuck on. Stuff that I can’t seem to get off no matter how hard I scrub. Okay, I admit it. I have a problem with other things being dirty, and them making me dirty by proximity.

Anyway I got a packaged with the raw fleece I ordered. One pound wich was immedeatly washed, the second was washed the day after. It’s lovely and I actually dyed some of the locks today.

Mum also sent me a packaged which I got today fully of wool. Much too rough for me, but hoepfully I’ll manage to spin something from it. (Meaning I’ll leave it alone forever because its really rough and because I hate the peachy skin color of one of the bags. Sorry Mum!)

I have also finished spinning what I’m calling Canery yellow. I navajo plied it and its looking really good. It’s a lovely cheery yellow with occasional bits of orange. I’ve skeined it but haven’t gotten around to setting the twist yet. Or taking a pic of it yet. (I dyed about an ounce of mystery roving)

I’ve stared on some green I dyed, and thought I would love, but I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it. It’s not drafting very well, after extensive predrafting and isn’t working very well either.

I also finished spinning the single of the Celebration for Spunky Eclectic fiber of the month. I just wanted to let the twist settle for a few days before I navajo ply it. I’m considering getting out some dyed mohair locks I bought at Fiber Frolic and spinning those in. But I think I’ll spin in plain and call in Caravan. With the fluff it would be carnaval. My roving has alot of brown in it and for some reason I can picture a Gypsy Caravan having all the colors from the singles on their wagon or cloths.

Well, its 8:43 and I’ve procrastinated enough. I’ll load a few random pics I haven’t actually gotten a chance to name or cateloge onto the post. Because I’m all about the pics. Visual first, words second. At least on spinning sites!


Raw locks.


Bruiser on the washed and drying lock. (The speaks are lavender not vm.)


Celebration Singles


The Candery Yellow Singles.

Night all, wish me luck and hopefully full conciousness!

Have fun!


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