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{August 12, 2007}   Long Time No Seen

So, I’ve finished several new yarns. Mostly navajo plied. But all very pretty! And my parents are back so I’ve had a chance to photograf the missing skeins. However I haven’t reskeined for yardage yet.


dandylion washed

Dandylion colorway. I handdyed, handpainted supperwashed merino. So pretty, so soft! Hopefing for socks or something like that!

Lovei n the mist skeined

Love in the Mist, commercially dyed and prepared merino top. Handcarded with icicle ()sparkly stuff.) Sorry about the poor pic!

Goldfinch navajo plied but not set

Goldfinch! It’s mystery wool that I handpainted. I’m calling it Goldfinch (not canary as I said before) I navajo plied it with itself, but haven’t set the twist yet.

Caravan navajo plied but not set

And Caravan, Shetland top handdyed by Spunky Eclectic in Celebration colorway. This was my first instalment from the Fiber club! I navajo plied it with itself. It reminds me of a gypsy caravan, thus the name!


I also have another yarn plied and skeined but no pics uploaded yet. It’s green and sparkly and handyed. Really dificult to spin, but very pretty! (Obviously not plied buta pic of the stuff taht will be plied i  a makeshift lazy kate)

I also have some pics of the DIY hackle Dad and I riggedup with hair picks.


Ignore the wool, I’d weighed it out into ounces for dying purposes and happened to rest it on the chair. Ugly but semi functional.

My ditz My pretty dizt. Rummaged from my Mum’s old beading stuff. works pretty well. However the hole is pretty big.  On the upside itsa pretty purple, its sturdy and its got a little weight to it. Although I don’t really know why I like the weight part.

Hackles pink 

Its hard to actually make out the pic. But this is a ball of roving I pulled from the hackles. Mystery wool dyed with red koolaid. There is also white soysilk and red and purple sparkles called firestar I bought from Spunky Eclectic.

Dad and I also made a Hackle with an oak board and nails. But I haven’t taken a pic of that either. It’s working pretty well. But could definitly be much better. But hey, instead of 185 dollars shucked out its great!

Mum and I also started washing the Boarder Lanacaster she and grandma bought for me while she was in Wisconsin. The ones I’ve seen so far is gourgous! Long soft locks!

I’m really disapointed in the Scottish Black Face I bought. It’s got really bad dandruf, or whatever its called. And of course you can’t get that out so the fleece is poorer quality. I’m flicking and than hackling some I dyed and its discusting! The fiber is so soft and long onces its been thouroughly flicked but its disgusting whats left behind, and whats still in the fiber!

I also got an acceptance letter from UM. But I’m not sure if that means all the maine colleges (that system anyway) or the Augusta or Orono colleges. So very exctiting and very confusing!

Anyway, late (or rather early) so I’m off to bed after a very thourough shower (picked the raw flece, ick! and flicked the locks). Hopefully I’ll have better or more pics tommarrow, or soon.

Night all!


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