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{August 2, 2007}   Muscle Spasms and Creme Caramel

So, I’m having a little pre-sleep snack (Creme Caramel frozen yougurt by Stonyfield Farm Organic) and trying to ignore the muscle spasms in my right leg. Now I’m right handed and footed so when I spin its just easier with my right side. (I have a Babe spinning wheel) There are two peddles by I almost always end up spinning just using the right peddle (which is also currently mostly broken). My right leg, rather knee has been bugging me lately. I figured I was just over using it or something. (No walking and streaching haven’t done any good, I’ve tried) So today when I went to the Chriopractor I mentioned it. And she fixed me right up, good as new. But than I had to open my mouth at the accupunctorist (just happened to be schedled for the same day). She does her thing and now my knee is worse than it was. So tommarow I’ll try and visit the chiro again. But for now I have these aweful conbstant muscle spasms in my right knee. Which is really, well not nice.

I’m still spinning the yellow, and was really excited I could come home and spin…not! So no pics, still.  But soon I hope to finish the yellow than navajo ply it. Than I’m on the the spunky fiber of the month. I’m definitly going to spin thin and than navajo ply it. It just screams that to me!

Otherwise I’m still paying to jump through hoops. I finally got the GED people and I can get a transcript tomarrow. And I’m going to have them mail one too. Because of course I didn’t pay attention to the whole letter UMA sent and I’m supposed to have the SCHOOL’s mail the official transcripts. So I’ll take the sealed envelopes and hopefully UMA will accept them. If not I’ll revisit the schools and pay to have them send the transcripts. Okay, incase anyone was wondering. I really hate college right now. I love the learning and classes and all. I just hate the actually process of getting to be able to learn  and take classes!

Talked to my parents, they’re good. Mum and grandma with the grey hair (when I was little I couldn’t remmeber their names, just their hair colors.) bought me two raw leeces, boarder Lanchaster (I think) so I’m very excited. I have the palmolive plus washing soda. Plus several lingera bags for the whole cleaning process!

Had to stop at JC Penny’s to get the lingera bags and they were having a huge sale! A load of stuff 70% off. Getting rid of the stock I think. They had a bunch of their fall line out, and I actually liked what I saw. (This is new. Normally I hate cloths shopping, okay I still do) Finding cloths that not only fit, but fit right. That don’t look too old or two young. And now, being in need of more pants and shirts for vollunteering) I need slacks and shirts in very calm colors. (I just have to point out all the nurses have worn very bright and vibrant colors. I’ve been the only one wearing calming colors!) So I picked around in the sale racks and got a few shirts wgich are now in the wash. And got pants (though I remembered the right size) which will need to be returned tommarow. I apparently need a larger size (I hate my size! Not really fat but not pleasently plump either).

I’m also helping Pat with her art class which should be great fun!

Anyway, I hope everyones having better luck spinning than I am. Off to hang up the cloths and than to Sherlock Holms and bed, after setting the alarm for 7am (ick!)

Oh yes, a few picks of the cats. They’re just so darn cute. Plus, I always look for the pic’s. Words aren’t nearly as important in blog’s as the pics!

Bruiser eating Bruiser in her normal pose, eating! She purs and just loves to eat! (I didn’t catch the look of adorment she shot me)

Hazel with monet locksHazel with monet locks again

Hazel (above) devouring the Monet polypay locks from Holly EQQ.

Enjoy! 😉


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