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{July 31, 2007}   Nice and Quiet, but way too HOT!

Well, I’ve ordered a raw “blanket” fleece of Alplaca from a couple in Oregon (Aka at least 2 weeks before I get it.). I’ve also ordered 2 pounds of raw polypay locks and a pound of another type of locks (What kind, I forget) from Wisconsin. So I’m very excited about that. The locks are all white or cream (I think) and the alpaca is a rose grey I beleive. I can’t wait for them to come so I can clean them and sort them and dye them! Very, very exciting!

I’ve also been spinning up some yellow occasional red dots that I dyed. The wool is a mystery, but the fibers seem pretty short (to me). Maybe an inch, inch and a half long. I’m very lazy so I haven’t predrafted it at all, just split it into managable strips. Hopefully I’ll remember to take a pic tomarrow. At first I was going to try and do thick and thin, but by the time I remembered I’d spun quite a bit so its all fairly even. I’m pretty sure I’l just navajo ply it. Lots of cheery yellow with little bits of orange (that’s what the red turned into).

Tomarrow I plan on going into Waterville and jumping through hoops to get transcripts sent to UM at Augusta. This should be a head-ache. As far as I’m concerned getting into college is way too hard. You have to jump through a million hoops, while paying to jump through them. And for someone who doesn’t really have anyone helping with them process, yes I have my parents and they’re great, it’s very difficult. I never graduated from High School, I got a GED instead. So I missed out on all those vital lessons I’m supposing they taught in High school. And than, I’ve taken classes at two other colleges so that means I have to visit them to try and get transcripts, plus the school I got the GED through. That’s three schools. And the colleges say that you can apply for the transcripts online. Well, maybe you can. I just can’t find the way to them. I had one person walk me to the site, even she counldn’t find it. And its her ob to be able to find it. Something is wrong with this picture! And than the other college, well the transfer or whatever person is on vacation so now I’ll have to try and find someone who can actually help me.

Plus, don’t forget the whole imunization records I’ll have to get. And send all this in before I get any word taht I’ve been or haven’t been accepted. Now, I’m going on the basis that I have been accepted. They just need all this stuff before they say the official words *are there official words?*. So, basically I could be paying to jump through hoops to be told that some college doesn’t actually want me, or won’t accept me as a student.

 Anyone else see a problem with this pic? Well I hope that you do!

It has been oh so very hot here! (read at least 100 F) So I’m sweating loads which is incredibly disgusting! All the cats appear  able to do is lounge about or chase a mouse.

Yes mouse. Apparently we have a mous in the house, or perhaps mice. Bruiser was very unhappy when I tried to get it away from her (growls alot and ferociously!). I had to unhinge her jaw, but she still had it by one paw with claws. (Why is everythiong ryhming all of a sudden?) When I continued to try and get the mouse the mouse escaped and the cats prowled the area for at least 2 hours. Very adorable, and slightly disturing. Cats adorable, mouse disturbing.

Tommarrow I think I’ll try and buy the materials to make myself a hiy hackles ( I have a bunch of fleece from when I was very little (7 maybe 8) and didn’t even have anything to spin with. Why my parents actually bought me bags of fleece than I don’t know… Well, they did get them from Carla (carla?) from Hoof and Paw. She’s a freind of my Mums and we always buy stuff from her stand at the Common Ground Fair. Anyway, I’ve had the roving for years and years. But its very compacted from its various lives in storage. So hopefully the hackles will help. And if it does work, well I really want hackles anyway. creating my own roving! What could possibly be better? (well yah, goats, cats, chocolate and rubber ducks)

Anyway two pics from when I was loving my locks last Friday. Both with Hazel and the Periwinkle locks! Enjoy!

Hazel with periwinkle locks again

What a ferouscious kitten! 😉

Hazel and periwinkle locks


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