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{July 28, 2007}   Spun!

So, there will be two posts today. This is the first and possibly more important, but less substantial and interesting.

Remember the  teal and purple and icible I was spinning? (merino.) Well I finished spinning it, I plied it. Than I skeined and washed it last night. But Mum too it this morning before I could reskein it, take a pic and discover the yardage. Anyway, here are two pics. The first is “Love in the Mist” skined, the second is it skeined with a coin.

Love in the Mist skeined and unsetLove in the mist skeined, unset with coin

I named it “Love in the Mist” because first off it needed a name, and second off it reminds mea little of the flowers love in the mist. The ones with the deep blues, purples and reds. So pretty! And rather lacy. Which is what I suspect Mum will knit with this. Soemthing lacy.

Next we have the pho-dandylion which will remain named dandylion. I plied it yesterday, skeined it and set the twist. However one bobbin had more of the singles than the other so I navajo plied it. And I must say, I really like the navaho plied much better than the two singles plied! So, below are the pics of it skeined, and skeined with coins. (The twist hasn’t been set yet. And again, Mum too it this morning before I could reskein it and find the yardage)

Dnadylion plied, skeined and unwashedDnadylion plied, skeined and unset with coin

Isn’t the najaho plied so pertty! (smaller skein)


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