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{July 28, 2007}   Celebrate! Let’s Celebrate! ;)

Today has been a very good day to me, minus the swealtering slightly sticky heat and all that.

Well, I finally got the package from Spunky Eclectic Fiber of the month club! I am so excited! The fiber is Shetland dyed in a  color combo that Spunky calls Celebrate. I can’t wait to try my first month out! 🙂

Celebrate roving

I love Boogie’s spun up on the Spunky Club page!

Next we come to the package I got from Holly EQQ. Well, let me say I’ve been haunting the mail box for the last few days! Now both packages came today and I am so excited!

I also got soem great Pic’s with Hazel eatinga nd attacking the locks! But I’ll save those for another time 😉

Deep Purple in Romney locks Romney dyed and called Deep Purple by Holly EQQ.  I have 4oz.

Periwinkle in BFL X locks BFL X dyed by Holly EQQ, called Periwinkle. I must say, I am rather disapointed with it. I thought that there would be more of the saturated purples and less of the un-dyed bits. I thought that I would love this, and regreted getting the deep purple, but in reality its reversed. Anyway, I have 5.5oz ofthis stuff!

Monet Fantesy in Polypay locks Polypay locks dyed by Holly EQQ and called Monet Fantasy. I have 7oz. For the past three days I’ve been haunting the Holly EQQ shop and wishing that I had ordered thi  and green acres. Well, I did order this (Thanks goodness!) but I didn’t get the green acres. (Yes, I do have a thing for green!) I am so glad that I got this. The locks are so soft and delicious! I don’t think that I’ll ever even spin it up! Seeriously, I’m just going to pet it and love it and keep it! It’s almost as good as a cat!

I do have to say that I am disapointed, I took the pics on a white towel and the towel has turned rather dirty of bits and dirt that’s falled off the locks. However the polypay makes up for that! And, there were also surprises hidden in each bag of locks. Beow it the pic of the surprises I got! 🙂

Holly EQQ surprise I beleive three kinds of Angelica and 1 strip of sari silk (like the edge of a bat or something)

I also got some bamboo roving from Holly. She calls it Poppy Flowers, and there are 2.1 oz. I am so excited to be able to try it! (Yum!)

Poppy Flowers on bamboo roving Isn’t it delicious looking!

Anyway, the end (for now) of the fiber porn! I’m having great fun! and I hope you guys are too!


Monika says:

Thanks for putting up a picture of this month fiber from Amy’s club. I think I’m the last to get the package, seeing that I live up here in Canada. It looks wonderful and I don’t think I’ve ever spun Shetland before. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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