Life, Fiber, Books and All

{July 24, 2007}   Not much really

Well, I spun the rolog’s you see below up as evenly as possible. (At least for me) But there isn’t any pic because, well it’s night and the pic wouldn’t be any good. Unfortunatly it looks like I have more on the sparkly bobbin than the plain one se we shall see what happens. Maybe a little more Boulce?

unspun merino rologs and spun sparkley merino

On the other hand I’ve started the superwashed merino in the fo-dandylion coloring. Which is absolutly delicious and oh so soft. However I do think it will take me a bit to get a hang of it. Below is a reminder of the yumminess!

Dandylion roving and spinning balls 

Anyway, I also finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Very interesting and good, as always. Although I think I’ll let it sit for a few days and than reread it.

Hazel, poor dear, has a bladder infection and has t swallow some aweful medicine twice daily. And she puts up very good fights. Personally, I find getting the med’s ready and than tackling her onto the couch (laying across her so she can’t escape) is the best way to force her to swallow the stuff.

I have also apparently broken the arm of the computer chair. “How?” You ask. Well, very simply I leaned on it like I always do. However this time it broke off, So of course now we have a rather uncomfortable bind. And yes, I did already try and fix it. So a very comphy chair is down the drain.

On El (Eternal Lands) today Mariejane reached overall level 100 and had a party. She gave me a damaged Crown of Life, which is incredibly generous, kind and I can’t help but wonder if she hasn’t hit her head recently. For those of you unformilliar with EL it is an online computer game that one can play for free. a COL (crown of life) is very expensive in the game, even a  damaged COL.

 And of course there is the fact that my parents are going to Wisconsin to visit family and they want me to go with them. Which seems like a good idea and an aweful idea off and on. I should say absolutly not, no, nadda. But than…. So we have a slight prolem there.

 Hopefully pics tommarrow. Until than….. 😉


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