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{July 22, 2007}   For lack of a better word, “Juicy Stuff”

So, I haven’t had any pics of my spinning for a while. So now I hope to recompence that little problem!

 So lets see, I haven’t shown you the fulled and skeined assorted cnady, the sparkly merino, or the alpaca and merino ply (unwashed).

 So, the following post will have few words, mostly pics.!

Asssorted Candy, no coin The fulled and skeined Assorted Candy. Named such because the colors remind me of those bowls some people and stores have full of candy. The smaller top skein has been plied with a purple and silver thread for a boulce affect.

Assorted Candy with coins And of course with the coins for perspective.

a merino batt plied with grey alpaca The small mass is some of my first work on a drop spindle, a batt of merino from Grafton Fibers (several years ago, 4-5). The skein is the merino batt spun on the spinning wheel (recently) and plied with silver alpaca from Halcyon Yarn. Neither of the messes have been fulled, measured or even properly skeined. The yarn is really pretty, but in this light the alpaca over-powers it.

unspun merino rologs and spun sparkley merino This is my favorite pic. It’s the hand carded and blended rologs which I will spin and ply with the singles you can see. The singles are a mix of the rologs you can see and the left over teal carded with Icicle (the sparkly bits) from Spunky Eclectic. (The merino is commercially died, I got an ounce of each from Halcyon Yarn)

Sparkly merino singles This is the single by itself, but you can’t really see it as well. (sigh) Really this stuff is gorgous!

Hazel close up

Hazel in in the forground just waking up from a nap. Poor kitten went to the vet today and had a needle stuck into her bladder. She’s got a bladder infection and meds to take for a week, to get rid of the infection obviously. Mama (adpotively so) cat Allie is in the background getting ready for a heavy grooming session. Poor babe!

And pay special attention to Hazel’s eyes. You can see for yourself that one is hazel and one is periwinkle.

 Anyway, I’m off to watch some TV (netflix really) and finish spinning the second bobbin of merino. Hopefully I’ll be able to ply soon.

Bye! 😉


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