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{July 21, 2007}   2:57 and Mum’s a-bed

So, I started this post at 2:57 am. Now that I’m getting back to it its 2:42 pm. InterestingAnd actually Mum just went to take a nap so its really very intresting.

Anyway. I got back last night from the Harry Potter book selling and have  awonderful rant. Ready? Let’s go…..

 So, first of all I had thought that we had laid down firm plans for the Harry Potter book party thing. That is me and some freinds. So first there were going to be the three of them and me, I’d pick them up on my way back from the hospital where I vollunteered. Than I was going to pick 2 of the girls iup, one  wasn’t going. Than one of the girls had to work so I’d pick one girl up and the other would drive to my house. And than they weren’t spending the night and than well…. You get the idea.

 So at 8:30pm they call me so that I can come pick hem up, half an hour there and another half an hour back to my house. (They live in the boonies in one town and I live in the boonies of another town) Anyone. Once we got to my house We had to finish making the invisablity cloak, and had to get ready. Which was great fun, and very entertaining.


 Unfortunatly we got to Barns and Nobles in Augusta around 11:15-11:30 pm. I thought that would be fine. We had reserved books and were dressed in great costumes and had 45 minutes to have fun before the book came out.

Well no. Some snotty lady stopped us at the door, demanded to see our wrist bands (which we didn’t have because we had just gotten there.) and when I explained that we had reserved books she told us to wait in the “blue” line. We try and figure out which is the blue line since there isn’t any indisaction, no signs or anything. I ask her which is the blue line, and we have to get at the end of a very long line. (Now in all fairness this is her job, and probubly a stressful night with loads of idiots, but she happened to be near the top of my idiot list. Even though she was only doing her job)

 So, after waiting for 30 minutes I finally asked the people around us if they had reserved a book, no the yhadn’t. So we were stuck in line with the slackers. And yes we had a chance to chat but not really celebrate or have fun or anything like that.


Really, in  practical sense they should have had s person with a list of people who had reserved books and the plastic braclets. Than we could have gotten in line with the people who had reserved books. And for that matter, they only started to hand out braclets at 6pm and they stopped at 11 soemthing. SO that’s a pretty small window to get braclets. And why were we even standing in line that early? It doesn’t make any sence, and we all got rather anxious, annoyed and hot or cold depending on what you were wearing.

Than people kept coming out (once the books were being sold) reading the books. So, this makes loads of sense. It’s dark, you can’t see all that well and there are idiots out there with cars. Idiots who beleive speed rather than brakes are the answer. So these idiots walked across a parking lot, with people driving, than got into an even darker vehicle. So they maybe read a page, if they’re lucky.

And once they had finally let us into the building we had to follow the idiot lady around in some weird pattern (which most of the people didn’t do) to the cash register’s. Than we had to get the book and pay. But the who process was inefficient and stupid!

While waiting outside (other than possible fire codes there was no readon to keep us out there, I know that there was room in the building for at least nother “gathering line” of people) several times people sped past with their head out of the sun roof and a vidio camera and a “hood” yelling at us. Of course no one could understand what they said, so that was useless.

 And another portion of the people yelled at us to go the Walmart “no waiting”. So we’re waiting outside in the middle of the night for a book that (my freinds and I have reserved) is just coming out. We’ve laready waited an hour in this line (and we will wait until around 1:40 am) so we’re suppose to create a bigger traffic mess and go buy Harry Potter at walmart. I don’t think so. And hello, you obviously waitied in line because people have already been coming our for 15-20 minutes with the book, so this makes loads of sense. And no one even does leave a go to Walmart. And the really big thing, I HATE walmart. Its so nasty, I don’t like the politics, the store, the history or anything like that. I very literally will drive hours to avoid going to that store, and whenever I am forced to go there I immedeatly go home and take a very hot shower. (I feel really dirty whenever I go to that store.)

So, basically the night was a dud. Although it was very nice to see my freinds and get the book. I must admit I am tickled by the inside of the dust jacket (see pic below) But don’t worry! No hints or spoolers from me, or the dust jacket!

Inside the cover

 Oh, and one more bit of b*tchyness, I bought more than 100 dollars worth of fbaric and “stuff” to make cloaks and bags for the HP party thing. I made the cloaks and a bag. Now I have wasted way too much money and gotten no real return. Sure, a little fun with freinds. But nothing substantial. Nothing that I’ll remember joyfully for years to come. *grumbles*

End if Rant……

But really, the whole thing was very bad planning and stupidity. It could have been much better. And why have us wait in line for 45minutes? 10 maybe 20 on the very ouside is more than enough time.

*grumbles again*

Oh, note. The above are my friends, my pic isn’t there are its really very aweful!

Happy reading!


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