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{July 17, 2007}   Artful and long ;)

So, my very first post that isn’t a copy and paste. I guess we’ll be seeing if I like wordpress or blogspot better.

So, what have I been up to? Well not much. This weekened I spun, saw Pirates 3 (aweful movie!) and chilled. Today I spun, surfed the web, played El (Eternal Lands), read, gardened, and went grocery shopping. Oh, and plied and skeined up my yarn, now I just need to set the twist (tomarrow), reskeinen and count the threads, multiply by three and I’ll know how many meters of yarn I have. (My niddy noddy is 1.5 meters long, so one wrap around equals 3 meters.)

So, I plied the blue, green and pruple single with the light blue and green single. I thought that the different values would add intrest. (the blue, green, and purple being mostly dark and the blue and green being light.)

Blue, Green, and Purple spun up. On the bobbin.The  Light blue and green on the bobbin with a coin 

I plied them, which I still find rather hard. The singles broke several times but I did manage to get them to sort of meld together this time instead of tieing a large knot. So, below is a pic of the two singles plied.

blue, green plied with the pruple, blue and green. (Not a very good pic. The colors are more interesting. But its been overcast lately, and its night.)

 I also had more of the green, blue and pruple than the light blue and green. So when I ran out of the light blue and green I plied the other with a purple and silver thread. I used sewing machine embrodery thread for lack of knowing what else to use.

blue, green plied with the pruple, blue and green.Blue, Green, and Purple spun up. On the bobbin.Blue, Green, and Purple spun up. On the bobbin.Blue, Green, Purple plied with purple and silver threadBlue, Green, and Purple spun up. On the bobbin. plied, skeined and unwashed purple, blue, green with purple and silver thread. It’s really very pretty in real life, although there isn’t much there. And I pity Mum when she knits it. The thread is, well thread. So there isn’t going to be any give. Obviously something lacy. It doesn’t look that great, particularly on the bobbin. But it turned out rather like a boulce.

Later tonight while Dad was on the computer doing his “homework” for the class he’s taking this week at a local college. (aka playing Snood and spifer solitair and computer bridge) I watched Magnum PI and skeined up the plie’s on my pvc kniddy noddy (Dad and I made two, and we’ll make some more soon.) So, below you will find the 2 colors plied and skeined but not set. And the 1 color and thread plied and skeined but not set.

Plied, Skeined and unfulled blue, green and purple, blue green.plied, skeined and unwashed purple, blue, green with purple and silver thread.

All together Again, not the best pics. But you get the idea. 😉

So, onto the next spinning adventure. I’m going to be spinning up the purple and teal merino and sparkle stuff. (I think) I started a little tonight and it didn’t go tell. I tried the woolen spinning, or whatever its called instead of the long draft (how I always spin). So I’m hopeing this goes well but It isn’t looking that great now.

I died up some supwerwashed merino. I tried to dye it like the Spunky Ecelctic colorway of some month (Don’t know which one) which was called dandylion (I think.) The dying didn’t turn out that great. But I think I’ll like the results when its spun. I was also excited. When I was at Michael’s in Agusta (actually Barns and Nobles with a quick stop over) I discovered these squrt bottles with tiny metal nozzle type things. Bascially for doing tie dye or something like that. But they really worked well for hand painting the superwashed merino. I just should have got in there with my hands and squished the dye around some more. So, below are some pics. First the roving drying (I meant to take some pics as I did the dying, but forgot), than split and pre-drafted balls of roving.

Dandylion rovingDandylion roving and spinning balls

I’m very excited to be spinning this, hopefully soon! It’s just so dreamily soft! I’m also hoping to make it into sock yarn, or sock weight. Or whatever it is. (No idea about guage or whatever. I just find yarn I like and make up patterns as I go along.)

 And because they’re so cute I’m leaving you with a few pics of Bruiser and Hazel. Aren’t they just adorable?

That’s my cat! Bruiser lounging in the sun. What a lazy beauty queen.

Hazel’s cute, sniffs the camera too. Hazel, interested in what the camera is, a quick look and sniff before bounding off to play. What a sweet heart!

So, hopefully I’ll have better pics, or something else to say tomarrow. And hopefully I’ll fall asleep immedeatly it being 3:11 am. (bad girl, very bad girl!)

 Night, and have fun! 😉


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