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{July 14, 2007}   Hello world!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Long Time No See

Well, long time no see. And happy Friday the 13th! 😉

So, I’ve been too tired and scattered the last few days the write, but I have kept up with my lovely spinning!

So, currently I’m working on this lovely light blue and green roving that I painted. Just such a pretty color combo! Plus green, how can you go wrong? And I’ve decided that I’ll ply that with the very pretty blue, green, and purple I spun up. I think the light and calm with the dark and vibrant will make a lovely contrast! However I’m not sure I’ll have enough, I really predrafted it very carefully and than spun it, not trying to get as thin as possible (normal) but spinning to get as even a width as possible. So I’ve used more than half the roving and have only filled a little over half. Which sounds okay, but in real life its not. I kind of overfill my bobbins!

I’m creating small bundles with 1 ounce of fiber to soak and dye, probubly tonight. So far I’ve skeined off 5 ounces of superwashed merino. I think I’ll probubly try and do that lovely dandilion coloring I saw on Spunky Eclectic. I’m skeining off come Shetland top now, and I think that will become a purple and red roving! also just got these special squirt bottles so hopefully that will make is easier!

And today was my first day at the Cancer Center in Augusta. It was exciting going in but in reality is was rather dull. Talked with one patient, very nice lady! But other than that just alot of restocking and going back and forth between the kitched and medical oncology. Now I have to wait until next week for volunteering. I’m only there on Friday, all the other volunteer spots were full, I have prior commitments than.

And of course on Wensday I had my very first job! I helped Pat with some of her younger students for art class. And I made a whole 13 dollars! But I helped. This is something I’ve dreamed about, well since she first started haveing helpers. Unforutnaly I was 15 minutes late instead of early, she told me the wrong time. And than I totally spaced and wen’t grocerey shopping thinking I had half and hour. So instead of going to the hospital for my appointment (read TB test and talk to corrdinator) I shopped, than was half an hour late (stupid line!). Than I was half an hour late for accupunctor.

I have also skeined the grey Alpaca and it is lovely! Although I was only going to do a quick set in semi warm water. But the minute I dropped the skeins in the water turned drown with dirt and ickyness. So I had to wash them with pretty hot water to get everything out. However I also think that the roving wasn’t properly dehaired. (Even though it was heavenly to spin!) It’s pretty itchy now. But hopefully thats just me!

Mum called from Ogontz and says that the orange and red I spun is heavely and so soft to knit! I’m so excited! (Plus I think she is, I think its part of her Tour de France)

I was also just going to do a quick soak in cold water for my ugly skein, navajo plied. I wanted it to be very bouncy. And it is, very bouncy. Now it atcually has those aweful uptwisted bits, which it didn’t have before I set the twist. However, remember how I said I was actually liking it. Well X that part out. The color ran. Its like a million shades lighter than it was origionally! And it is way uglier! But, like I said it does have real bounce which I really like!

I took some more pics but none of them turned out very well. So you’ll just have to live with the un skeined washed ugly.

So, a few computer games, some blog surfing, some dyeing of roving and soon more spinning! (As well as Boston Legal!) I am going to be having so much fun with day!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not TB

So, on the homefront I definitly don’t have TB, or else I had a bad test. My arm is still sore but I don’t have any bumps or blisters.

Now, onto something nicer. I have my very first job today! (yah!) Helping Pat (a private art teacter) give lessons and just generally helping! Now, this may not sound great to you, but it has been one of my dreams since, well, she first started hiring students to help her.

Unfortunatly I’ll have to leave early so I can go back to the hospital, have the TGB test “read” (aka measured, if the swelling is so big under such and such circumstances you have TB). Than I have to talk to the volunteer cordinatoor. She called last night, apparently the position she was going to have me fill has already been filled, so that means I’m still rather stuck. And of course I have accupunctor, for which I will inevitably be late, since the meeting will inevitably take too long.

But anyway, onto something more fun and more exciting. I navajo plyed the muted unglyness, which I already mentioned. But, I also skeined it and I must say it really is growing on me. If I don’t give it to mum or someone else I think I might make a scarf out of it. But not just a plain old garter stitch scarf. One of those scarves with the diagonal strips. You often see the sari silk yarn knitted this way, or at least I do. (Or I suppose did, its not nearly as new or hot now)

Navajo Ply’d, and doesn’t it look nice!

Another pic with the requisit coin pic.

I also finished spinning the very pretty purple, green and blue roving. Now I’m debating whether to wind it into a ball and ply it, or ply it with the lovely light green and blue roving. (I have started to spin the blue and green anyway.) And I’ve decided to stash the yellow for another time (no pics still, sorry!).

I am so bad at changing the hook! I just get into a rhythem and before I know I have a huge donut on my bobbin.

Blue, green and purple with the coin.

I have a very tempting green I dyed which has been calling to me since before I dyed all the other roving. (I wanted to try a spinning technec but it just wasn’t working very well. And I do think that I’ll dye a few ounces (say 6? or 8?) of superwashed merino red and purple. Although I’m a bit worried because I’ve read the superwashed falls apart in the soaking water.
Anyway, I’m so excited!
And apparently Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix came out last night, do I sense of trip to the movie theature? Although I haven’t liked any of the movies yet, so this may be reaching.
After accupunctor I think I’ll buzz over to Augusta and drive past the cancer center, and maybe visit barnes and nobles (bad, bad person!).

Monday, July 9, 2007

TB or not TB

So, this morning I woke up at 5am, just so you know 5 am. And if that wasn’t enough I couldn’t get back to sleep. Than Dad got up and made laods of noise, loads! And just as I’m dozing off and he’s leaving he has to check and make sure that I’m awake, even though he can very well see that I’m glaring at him. (In the summer I sleep on the back pourch because its cooler, but its also the entrence and exit for the house.) Of course he has to leave Sally (black lab mix) on the back pourch with me so she doesn’t tear apart the garbage again. And Allie and Hazel happen to be out there two. So I’ve got on cute kitten (Hazel), one dumb worm of a dog (Sally) and one cat (Allie, no pics yet) Hazel snuggles, Allie snoozes on the bnch by the door, and Sally bounces around, climbs the furtinture, peers out the windows and try to sleep on my pillow. (I’ll put up with everything else, but not my pillow, that’s mine and the cats alone. Sally get’s shoved off the bed.) I manage to snooze until 11 something when I finally get up and take a shower. Get ready for the interveiw (you’ll hear more), have breakfast and check out the spinning blogs.

So, anyway I left a “little” late for my 1:30 appointment at the hospital. But thankfully despite the slow drivers and because of my speeding (sorry!) I made it in time. So, we talked and I was totally truthful. And I got offered a volunteer position at the Oncology Hospital in Augusta (45 minutes from home, on a good day). So I get lovely paper work, most of which I’ve filled out. And of course a TB test (see above name). This has been drving me nuts! (Not all that strange in and of itself) I’ve had to loosen my watch 5 times, and have finally just taken it off, and my arm feels all strange. Which of course could all be my imagionation. But somehow I don’t think I can make my arm swell. Anyway, I had to go cloths shopping for pants. Not comphy jeans or sweats but slacks. 3 pairs which will only see hospital use. (Note, I hate clothes shopping! Give me shoes, fiber, yarn, crafts or book shopping any day!)

See above, a TB test. (for those of you who do’t know what this test is like read on. They swab the spot and than prick the spin and slide the needle under the skin a little (looks rather like a pimple) and then they squirt the fluid. Skin inflates like a balloon (looks like a hive). You leave it alone and the stuff is absorbed. Than they look at it in 48 hours and tell you if you have TB or not. Simple and mostly painless, just a needle prick.)

So, there’s the teal merino I was carding with the purple. Unforutnatly I ran out of purple, so I’ve decided to make “special” rologs out of it and Icicle (From Fiber Frolic fair and Spunky Eclectic).

Than I’ll split the rologs, one half will be spun just the purple and teal, the other half will have a these “special” ones. Once I ply it every so often their should be some nice sparkles! Very exciting!

Isn’t it pretty! And so soft, even a little softer than the merino rologs. Oh! So nice!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

What next?

So, what to do next? First of all finish spinning up my dyed roving. (see below for a sample of my four color combo dying spree. Two other samples are already on site, below. The yellow has yet to be photographed)

I love these colors, so calming and nice. Exactly what I wanted, except a little light.)

And here we see a dyer’s mistake. Aka, I dyed and dripped and the floor absorbed.

So, I have 3 or 4 pounds of fiber (white) that I just bought at Hlacyon Yarn. And now I’ve got to figure out what colors to dye them.

For one, I really want to dye something a deep purple and a deep red. I want to absolutly saturate the fiber with the color.

And I’d really like to do a brown and blue, or pink, or green. However I don’t ahev any brown 😦

I do have kool-aid and some Jacquard dye I got at Fiber Frolic. (Oh, the above was dyed with the Jacquard dye)

An analgue of red or orange would be nice.

Obviosuly green and blue would be nice.

And I really loved that dandilion I sw Spunky Eclectic dyed for the fiber club, so I may have to try and replicate that. Or maybe strawberry feilds.

Ah, life….

I need more time, money and hands. All so very much fun!

Anyway, back to El and making rolog’s to spin. And contemplating watching some Magnum P.I. and spinning away, always very fun! 😉

EL and Rolog’s

So, we went to Halcyon yarn a while ago and I got my hand carders, a flicker, a pound of while blue faced lancaster (cannot spell), and an once each of a purple and a teal merino. I decided to try and make rolog’s out of the colors. (use new carders!) Plus the studd didn’t seem to want to spin plain. So while playing Eternal Lands I’ve been making rolog’s out of them. However now I wish that I had added some of that sparkly stuff I bought for putting into roving. *sigh*

The colors in the above are slightly brighter in real life, particularly the purple. Which is much, much prettier than the pic.

My pretty rolog’s!

And together.

I think when I make this I’ll either seperate them into two groups and than ply them afterwards. Or esle I’ll do a navajo ply at the end. Can’t wait!

Currently on the Wheel

So, this is the orving that’s currently on the wheel. I dyed it with jacquard. Purple, blue and green. I left the emerald and sapphire pretty much alone. But added scarlet the the violet for a more red purple. I just love the bright colors. And of course, they’re all some of my favorite colors.

Veiw one

Veiw 2

And of course what is currently on the wheel. The blue and greena dn where they mix is my favorite! So, very, very pretty!

1/3 spun already 😦 so not much mroe to go. (only died an once).

See I started by dying 4 once four different combinations (1 oz, one color sample) And following this book I got (Spinning with Color, or something like that) you get 4 different roving color ways (dyed) and strip them and spin them thinly and spin them together. But the other roving was so ugly (already spun) and the whole process more complicated than I wanted (just spin!) that I abandond that idea.

My first attempt at a swatch

I wish you could have seen the roving, absolutly delicious! I spun it up the minute it was dry. (Again a mystery roving.) I dyed it with cool-aid. Red, orange and yellow. So rather analog. It’s much more muted spun, and smelled heavenly while I was spinning it. As well as fealt heavenly. Absolutly one of the nicest, softest and most perfect rovings!

I’d show you the skeins but Mum had me make balls out of them and ook them to Ogontz with her to knit, if she has time between afternoon tea and singing.

I can’t wait to see what she does. (There’s around 700 m’s of it.) I’m very proud of it. And again, a single strand as almost the whole once (that’s all I dyed this color) went onto one bobbin.

Really, absolutly heavely!


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